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Re: Waterlow & Sons (Printers)
« Reply #81 on: Sunday 12 May 19 01:25 BST (UK) »
no worries

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Re: Waterlow & Sons (Printers)
« Reply #82 on: Wednesday 30 December 20 17:56 GMT (UK) »
There is a Facebook group called Wonders of Waterlows.
There are lots of interesting photos!

 I found this picture on it of the Waterlow shooting club 1936/37 season.
The caption reads:
Back row...
H. Braurigam, jnr...R. Thomson...A. Baker....N. Linford...R. Willey....J. Dickinson....J. Thompson
Front row...
W. Hoare....S. Wilkins.....G. Lonely....WG Thompson...H. Brautigam,snr...C. King

My father is the one on the left, front row.

Hoare, Cook, Stuart, Bierton

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Re: Waterlow & Sons (Printers)
« Reply #83 on: Wednesday 27 January 21 00:51 GMT (UK) »
Hello  Mel, Jackie, and my friend Westoe( and our Lass)

Yes it is for certain that he was with the Waterlow and Layton section, though  before the split, he and his sister Lavinia ( who was it appears, worked in Binding & Velum work)  had already been there for sometime.
If you have the time, Mel, would appreciate any info, as only knew about him from a 'one-liner' in Grand Aunty's book ( The Story of a Saxon Family ) and unfortunately all her papers and the family albums disappeared, even though the Executor was due to place them all with Exeter Archives !!



John, my dear old friend and research buddy,

I've just found out tonight that you died 20th April 2018, not 10 days after I had to let Our Lass go. I thought that must have happened, but I had no way of finding out - no answers to PM's or emails, no activity here at RootsChat. 

I miss you - your one-of-a-kind sense of humour, your tangential thinking, the little snippetts of everyday news about "__E__" your wife and your grown "daylilies", and all the help you've given me over the years. Big Smile: How would I "Ever!" have learned about "the Ralphie subplot" if you hadn't trawled the Michael Henley letters at NMM for me? And I gave you good info too, didn't I? The very last bit was the link to Waterlow. So here on the Waterlow thread, I put my "Good-bye my friend" into the ether. You've crossed the bar and you are out there somewhere. I'm glad to have known you.


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Re: Waterlow & Sons (Printers)
« Reply #84 on: Tuesday 23 November 21 14:04 GMT (UK) »
Both my father & my great uncle worked in the Garage/Workshop for the above firm, which was somewhere round the back of Liverpool Street station.  I think my step-granddad may also have worked there.

What  I would like to know is where I can find the old records for this firm.  I have googled but all I get is information about stamps (which they printed).  I have been unable to find out where all the old company records are kept, do not think they are at LMA.  Not too worried about this so much now.
Can anyone help or put me onto someone who may know about this.  I also have in my possession 2 photos of all the workshop staff standing by a coach ready to go off on a beano.  This would have been in the mid to late 1950's.

My father was Arthur Simpson (from London), my Uncle John Butler (from Ireland) & my step-grandfather Bill Sturdy (from Yorkshire).  Yes I am a mongrel!!  Also a girl I went to primary school whose surname was King, her father also worked here.

UPDATES: Yippee have finally uploaded 1 photo,  uncle John (John Butler) is the man standing next to the supervisor in the suit.  And now the 1 of the 2 others.  They are almost identical so have only uploaded 1.  My dad is the tall young chap in the middle of the  back row.

Hi Plummiegirl,

My grandfather Thomas Bush Constable also worked at Waterlow in London. The first photo you have posted here is a cropped version of the one on the front of Chris Waterlow's book, isn't it? If so, then I can tell you that my grandfather is the man standing far right at the front of the van with the cap and glasses.

My mother says that this photo I am uploading also shows him with the same van. He is the man on the left of the picture, wearing a suit.

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Re: Waterlow & Sons (Printers) UPDATED 20/11/11
« Reply #85 on: Tuesday 23 November 21 14:34 GMT (UK) »
For those of you who might be interested, I have now finished writing the book about the Waterlow family and printing firm.  I am hoping thjat will be going to print sometime early in the new year and will let you know details as soon as I have them.

Hello Chris,

I have come across this forum very recently after my mother found an old photo of my grandfather at work (Waterlow in London) in my late grandmother's personal effects. His name is Thomas Bush Constable and I believe he is the man standing on the far right (as you look at it) of the photograph you have chosen for the front of your book.

I wonder perhaps whether you still have any copies of the book available, please? I know my mother would very much like to read more about it all. She is now 83 and my grandfather died in 1960.

Many thanks in advance,

Jackie Berry