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Heaton Norris Births
« on: Wednesday 31 March 10 00:25 BST (UK) »
Hi all,

Yet another question related to the McDonalds of Heaton Norris. I'm trying to figure out which of the children I've found belong to "my" couple. Here's my evidence so far.

On the 1891 census, Bernard Snr & Sarah (nee Hallsworth) have 2 living children: Bernard Jnr, age 1 and Jess age 0. I've found both on Cheshire BMD, both registered in the sub-district of Heaton Norris although Jess is called Jesse and the maiden name has been mis-typed Callsworth in his case.

A search of Cheshire BMD for children with the surname McDonald & Mother's maiden name Hallsworth brings up the following children:

Sarah Ellen - 1886 - Stockport 1st
William - 1886 - Heaton Norris
William - 1888 - Stockport 1st
Agnes - 1894 - Heaton Norris
William - 1897 - Heaton Norris

The first three on that list all seem to have related death indexes:

Sarah Ellen - 1887 - Age 0 Stockport 1st
William 1886 Age 0 Heaton Norris
William 1888 Age 0 Stockport 1st

The latter two I know to be my relations through family documents (Agnes is my great grandma.) Ive looked for any other marriages between a McDonald and a Hallsworth but cant find any. Does anyone know if the sub-districts of Heaton Norris and Stockport 1st were interchangeable? Is this likely to be all the same family or two or more separate ones? The death indexes of the first three children would account for their not being on the 1891 census if it is the one family.

Also, on a side note, Jesse appears to vanish off planet Earth after his birth. I cant find a death index for him or any record of him in later censuses. I know his brother William (1897) emigrated to Canada but I have nothing to suggest Jesse did or did not go too.

Many thanks for any help,
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Re: Heaton Norris Births
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 31 March 10 10:31 BST (UK) »
Also, on a side note, Jesse appears to vanish off planet Earth after his birth

Could he be the Josiah McDonald who is in the same Workhouse in 1901 as Bernard jnr 
RG13 Piece 3297 Folio 58 Page 21
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Re: Heaton Norris Births
« Reply #2 on: Saturday 24 April 10 00:08 BST (UK) »
Hi Queenie,
Stockport is a strange place, North of the Mersey was classed as Lancashire, South of the Mersey - Cheshire, however Stockport 1 and Heaton Noriis may only be a bridge(over the river apart so yes, they are verly like to both be the same place. For instance, if you walk through Stockport Market where St Mary's Parish church is (Stockport1) and across Mersey Way you would have been in Heaton Norris :)

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Re: Heaton Norris Births
« Reply #3 on: Sunday 03 June 18 22:22 BST (UK) »
Hi there the josiah mentioned is my great grandad but josiah had a brother Thomas born 1889 and a sister name unknow and DOB unknown. I slso cannot find any birth records of any josiahs macdonalds or McDonald's so I'm stuck too lol.
As for josiah Macdonald I do have a 1911 census for him living in liversedge West Yorkshire, he married in 1913, has 2 children (arnold and jesse, which is strange) and dies in 1916 in France, hope this can maybe get this thread going again.
 All the best , daz