Author Topic: Can someone help please? Trotter Family in Fermanagh  (Read 2971 times)

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Can someone help please? Trotter Family in Fermanagh
« on: Wednesday 07 April 10 07:22 BST (UK) »
I have been on about this before though I am unsure what board to put it on, but I cannot think of anything else I can do to find these people and would like some suggestions please.
I found an 1821 census for Fermanagh for Derryvollin which confirmed my GGgrandfather was born in Irvinestown in 1810.  It showed the following:
David Trotter 72 - farmer
Catherine Trotter 59 - wife
George Trotter 29 - son
William Trotter 16 - son
Alexander Trotter 13 - son
Catherine Trotter 22 - daughter
Thomas Roper 11 - grandson
I have found what I consider a marriage for David and Catherine Allen in Airth, Scotland in 1798 on the LDS site which would go in with the births above, but that is it, I can find no records for any of them (birth, marriage, death) or find them in any of the census'.  According to what I have tried to find out about the Trotters, they just never existed, except there is the above to prove otherwise. I would like to find out who Thomas' parents were, but that is also a dead end.
I have been in touch with some people in Australia and they seem to confirm that the son (David Esau and Faithfull Trotter) on the Southern Empire (unassisted passage) in 1869 were the children of Alexander, who apparently married Elizabeth Sweeny born Enniskillen, but again I can find no proof of a marriage no can I find any reference to her anywhere I have looked.
I also heard a rumour that once these 2 left for Australia, the family moved back to Scotland, but as previously stated I can find no census for any of them.
I also cannot go back with David Trotter snr as again I can find no birth or death for him either.
Funnily enough my GGgrandfather Thomas was easy to trace from Scotland to Australia with his family.
What is left for me to do now - please someone help me.
Kind regards
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Re: Can someone help please?
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 09 July 16 15:54 BST (UK) »
Hi Bev,
Please excuse me as I am very new to this, but in contemplating Thomas' origins perhaps there is a record of another Trotter daughter and husband who may have passed away before the 1821 census of Fermanagh? I'm not sure how to research this as I have limited resources. Thomas Roper is my gggg grandfather, my maiden name is Roper. Western Australia.

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Re: Can someone help please?
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 10 July 16 09:19 BST (UK) »
Hi Bev,

My thoughts are that given the ages of David TROTTER and his wife Catherine (ALLEN?) in 1821 they at least were unlikely to have emigrated and probably died within the next decade.

If the 1798 Airth marriage does relate to them their eldest son George TROTTER (aged 29 in 1821) was either born out of wedlock or, perhaps more likely, was David's son from an earlier marriage.

If one child emigrated his siblings might have done so too, possibly also to Australia. What Australian state did the Southern Empire travel to? Look for a passenger list, and on for any emigration records.

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Re: Can someone help please?
« Reply #3 on: Sunday 10 July 16 09:51 BST (UK) »
There are LOTS of topics that BevL started on the Fermanagh board looking for the same information for this family which is very confusing as it's hard to be sure what's been posted where.

Civil registration of births, deaths and non-Catholic marriages didn't start until 1864 and it's possible many of the Trotters shown in the 1821 census died in Ireland before that date.

This topic mentions a death for a David Trotter in 1837, etc.

It may be that BevL has found more information since these posts were made.
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