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Re: Mary Gritt nee Sherred
« Reply #9 on: Friday 16 September 11 00:46 BST (UK) »
The marriage certificate does indeed state his father was a Charles, it also states that her father was a Francis.    They also married away from their usual stomping ground of Hampshire/Dorset in Sunbury on Thames, Surrey.    Harriet shown as a minor.

Moses gives his place of birth as Kimpton, Hants. although on one census it does state Andover.

Familysearch gives up:

Moses Shurred  bp.6/1/1813 Andover, Hampshire, son of Ezekiel Shurred and Elizabeth.


Harriet's birthplace mostly given as Odiham  - and on Familysearch:

Harriet Freeman bp.6/1/1822 Odiham, dau. of Thomas and Diana.

However, other records I've looked at indicate that Harriet's father was indeed a Francis Freeman who married a Diana Bull 19/8/1816 Odiham, Hampshire.   They had a number of children at Odiham but a Job in 1818 also has parents as Thomas and Diana.  This may well just be a transcription error.

So, on this evidence - and Moses Sherred is an uncommon name - it looks like Moses was 5 years older than he said he was (perhaps because Harriet so much younger) and that his father was indeed Ezekial rather than a Charles.   (Alas, one can't always believe what's on certificates as I've learnt).

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Re: Mary Gritt nee Sherred
« Reply #10 on: Wednesday 20 November 19 14:52 GMT (UK) »
Another snippet of information.   
 In the 1841 census Moses Sherred ( shown as Shearwood in the census) was at the home of Francis Freeman  (Harrietts dad). The Freeman family and Moses were at Tun Lane, Odiham, Hampshire.
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Re: Mary Gritt nee Sherred
« Reply #11 on: Wednesday 20 November 19 15:29 GMT (UK) »
Quote from: boulton1
my grandfather was Frank Sherred of 3 legged cross in Dorset a descendent of Moses and Harriet

The British Newspaper Archive -  The Western Gazette Friday 8 January 1892

Jan. 5th at 3 Legged Cross, Moses Sherred age 73

Ringwood Road, Cranborne, Wimborne, Dorset
Moses   Sherred   Head   Married   72   Sweep Retired   Hampshire
Harriett   Sherred   Wife   Married   69   Hampshire
William   GRITT   Son In Law Widower   50   Chimney Sweep   Hampshire
Mary   Gritt    Granddaughter      16   Domestic Servant   Hampshire
Bertie   Gritt   Grandson.             11   Dorset
1891 census RG12 Piece 1635 Folio   53 Page   7

Quote from: dudjac
I am a descendent of the Sherreds through my gt grandfathers marriage to Tamar who was a daughter of Moses Sherred . Moses being born in Kimpton, Hampshire.

Moses SHERRED appears to be on TWO 1861 census

Tiptoes, Hordle, Lymington, Hampshire
William   GRITT   Head   Married                   1833   Sweep   Standford, Berkshire
Mary                 Wife   Married                        1842      Wimborne, Dorset,
Moses   SHERRED   Father  Law   Married   1818   Formerly Sweep   Kinton, Hampshire
Harriet   Sherred   Mother  Law   Married   1821      Hampshire, Englan
                          Sister  Law         1853      Cranbourne, Dorset
Tamar                 Sister  Law         1855      Wimborne,
1861 RG09 Piece number   665 Folio   72 Page   2

Cranborne, Wimborne, Dorset
Moses   SHERRED   Head   Married      1819   Agricultural Labourer   Kimpton, Hampshire
Harriet   Sherred   Wife   Married      1821      Odiham, Hampshire
Charles   Sherred   Son            1844   Sweep   Kingston, Hampshire
Benjamin   Sherred   Son            1846   Sweep   Horton, Dorset
Jemima   Sherred   Daughter         1849   Scholar   Odiham, Hampshire
Eliza   Sherred   Daughter            1852   Scholar   Dibden, Hampshire
Tamar   Sherred   Daughter         1856   Scholar   Verwood, Dorset
1861 RG09 Piece 1335 Folio 65 Page   23

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Re: Mary Gritt nee Sherred
« Reply #12 on: Saturday 23 November 19 14:06 GMT (UK) »
Mary Sherred is mentioned briefly on all the Romany websites I've come across (as Granny Gritt), on one or two sites her father Moses is also sometimes mentioned, so I have no doubt they were part of the New Forest Gypsy community. Their occupations were Sweeps, but I have been unable to get any further back and was hoping that someone on here may have connections to the family. Moses wife was Harriet nee Freeman and the Freemans were Sweeps too.

Thanks for the reply

I've found a newspaper article stating that Mary Gritt wife of William Gritt, a chimney sweep died aged 41 on the 6th of January 1883 near Fawley (New Forrest). And that they had 9 children plus some that had died. It appears she passed in childbirth of a son.

So this gives you a death date for Granny Gritt

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Re: Mary Gritt nee Sherred
« Reply #13 on: Wednesday 29 January 20 23:59 GMT (UK) »
Cat1 / Rob G,

I have a Caroline GRITT (1806-?) marrying a John MITCHELL (1801-?) in abt 1824 (Alton, Hants). Their descendants finally join the DOEs when their grand daughter Caroline Emily MITCHELL (born in Haslin) marries Albert DOE (my 2nd great grand father) in 1887.

Was just interesting that you're both mentioning GRITT and MITCHELL. Possible links but perhaps not :)