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1922 Marriage
« on: Sunday 22 August 10 20:26 BST (UK) »
I just wondered whether anyone was up on protocol of names on certificates in the 20s. My grandmother was born in 1900 in Gateshead and was christened Charlotte Gilroy, her mother was Mary Ann Gilroy, unmarried. The family story was that her father, Thomas Drummond, wasn't allowed to marry Mary Ann Gilroy, as his family disapproved of her but that they married after her birth. When I researched however I found that Thomas and Mary Ann didn't get married until early 1904, and this looks as if it was because my grandmother's sister, my great aunt Margaret was on the way (she was born late 1904).
I can't find her on the 1901 Census but on the 1911 Census she is listed as Charlotte Drummond aged 11. However when she got married in 1922, she is recorded on the marriage cert as Charlotte Gilroy, and the space for her father's name and profession just have a line drawn through them. Thomas Drummond is a witness, which can only be either her mother's husband, or her brother Thomas but he was only 14 at the time, which would have been too young to be a witness at a marriage surely ?

Does anyone know whether the conventions of the time prevented her father from being named on the marriage cert, or does it just mean that he wasn't her father ?
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Re: 1922 Marriage
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 22 August 10 20:46 BST (UK) »
Uuuuummm!  Maybe he wasn't actually her father??
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Re: 1922 Marriage
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 22 August 10 20:52 BST (UK) »
14 is fine for a witness - no actual age limit, provided they were capable of understanding what was required of them.

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Re: 1922 Marriage
« Reply #3 on: Monday 23 August 10 10:16 BST (UK) »
After the Legitimacy Act in 1928, couples could re-register their children to legitimise the birth, but there was no way of doing that in 1904. So, maybe Charlotte decided to tell a small fib on her marriage licence, saying that she didn't know who her father was ? After all, her marriage was going to change her name anyway ? I think that this is one of the things that you may never know - unless another document like a will or a letter turns up to give more details.

The witness on her marriage licence could have been her father, posing as a family friend, or may have been a 14 year old brother.

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