How did you find Rootchat?

Directed to a topic via a search engine?
394 (51%)
Fellow researcher?
191 (24.7%)
Mailing list or message board?
81 (10.5%)
Magazine or poster?
16 (2.1%)
91 (11.8%)

Total Members Voted: 768

Author Topic: How did you find Rootschat?  (Read 132642 times)


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Re: How did you find Rootschat?
« Reply #27 on: Thursday 21 April 05 16:52 BST (UK) »
;D  see it pays to advertise !!     ;D
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Re: How did you find Rootschat?
« Reply #28 on: Friday 22 April 05 21:59 BST (UK) »
Hi everyone,

I found Rootschat via search engine while looking for lost relies from Northampton/Leicester.  Superb site and folks are so helpful. :)

Herefordshire: Mytton.
Lincs: Ingham
Northants: Knight (Welford); Linnell;  Gaudern.
Staffs (Brierley Hill, Kingswinford): Wood; Eades.
Somerset: Bailey; Lewis
Warwickshire: (Alcester, Henley in Arden) Lewis; Casey/Keasey
Warwickshire (Birmingham suburbs) Knight
Yorkshire (Bradford):  Ingham

Census Information is Crown Copyright, from www.nationalarchives.gov

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Re: How did you find Rootschat?
« Reply #29 on: Tuesday 26 April 05 18:12 BST (UK) »
I found Rootschat by sheer accident, can't even remember what I was looking for on Google  ???  I can safely say I have never looked back.  I have made so many wonderful new friends from all over the world.  Thanks for introducing us Trystan and Sarah  ;)

Barnett Altrincham/Manchester
Bates Hindley Lancs
Bowyer Altrincham Cheshire
Cunliffe Hindley
Hollingworth Hale Barnes/Mobberley Ches
Jones Salford/Altrincham
Ramsdale Hindley Lancs
Timperley Warburton/Dunham Massey
Yarwood Great Budworth,Lymm,Dumham Massey

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Re: How did you find Rootschat?
« Reply #30 on: Monday 02 May 05 18:21 BST (UK) »
I found it by mistake - the best and most rewarding mistake ever!!  And I should know - I make a lot of them!!! At least I can now put them down to 'senior moments!'
LANCASTER - London Kent Sussex Croydon
CLEMMANS - London Kent Sussex
ROCHE - London
WARE - Kent
NEWNHAM - Sussex
FISHER - London Norfolk

Any census lookups are Crown Copyright www.nationalarchives.gov.uk

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Re: How did you find Rootschat?
« Reply #31 on: Wednesday 04 May 05 23:50 BST (UK) »
I found rootschat via research on the web and google hits.  Dropped in a few times but did not register.  Did register the other day though and I am on most nights either chatting or browsing the posts.  Great community very helpful and we all find ancestors!   :) :)
DUNN - Cambuslang, LKS
FRAME - Hamilton, LKS
HODGSON - Hamsterley, DUR
HUMPHREY - Easingwold, NRY
HUNT - Frimley, Surrey
MCKECHNIE - Argyll - Shotts
PEPPERCORN - Lolworth, Cambs
PRATT - Thirsk, NYK
REDSHAW - Hamsterley, DUR
REYNOLDS - Fritton,Stratton,NFK
TALLACK - St Agnes Padstow,CON
WILSON - Hamsterley, Co Durham
Census Information is Crown Copyright, from www.nationalarchives.gov.uk

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Re: How did you find Rootschat?
« Reply #32 on: Thursday 05 May 05 05:26 BST (UK) »
I was just googling around for online census' and found this place by accident.  ;D

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Re: How did you find Rootschat?
« Reply #33 on: Sunday 08 May 05 14:16 BST (UK) »
Out for a drink one night and bumped into an old friend and discovered we had a common intrest and he told me about rootschat.
I could not believe people would be so kind as to help you via look ups and general advice all for free
Clark's of hull and Birkenhead and Davies of hull and Northampton

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Re: How did you find Rootschat?
« Reply #34 on: Thursday 12 May 05 17:28 BST (UK) »
Cant quite remember, I think it was through Google!!  I am sure glad I did, it is the best site ever, with the most helpful and nicest people!!

Thanks and regards to everyone who has kindly helped me over the past year!

Kind regards
Mardell - Hertfordshire
Sales - Kent and Hertfordshire
Daniels - Hertfordshire
Sutton - Kent
Stagg - Hertfordshire
Pilcher - Kent
Goldsmith - Kent

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Re: How did you find Rootschat?
« Reply #35 on: Tuesday 17 May 05 11:19 BST (UK) »
I was on a message board on Genealogy.com, asking questions, and someone directed me to Rootschat, saying there were very kind people here who did lookups.

Well!  One of the best pieces of advice I've ever had.  I am constantly stunned by the kindness of strangers here.  Of course I don't think of them as strangers any more - they are part of my Rootschat family! ;D

I don't have access to censuses, etc, but I do try to help beginners with queries to which I know the answers, and have done some translation from French for a fellow Rootschatter.  But you have to be quick off the mark!  Many times I've logged on, seen a post and thought, "I can help", but someone has beaten me to it! :D  ;D

Census information is Crown copyright from www.nationalarchives.gov.uk
Martins in London and Wales, Lockwoods in Yorkshire, Hartleys in London, Lichfield and Brighton, Hubands and Smiths in Ireland, Bentleys in London and Yorkshire, Denhams in Somerset, Scoles in London, Meyers in London, Cooks in Northumberland