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Re: farrell family
« Reply #36 on: Saturday 06 January 18 06:51 GMT (UK) »
It was necessary to pay a fee to register a birth. This was beyond the means of many poorer families and as such a birth could go unregistered.

You were fined if a birth was registered late. In order to avoid the fine, some parents gave an incorrect date of birth for the child so that it fell within the period of registration. This means that a child that was 6 months old could be given a date of birth making them only 2 months old.

It was the responsibility of the parish priest or minister to register marriages. In some cases the priest failed to register the event.

It is estimated that up to 30% of deaths in Ireland went unregistered, even in the 20th century.  It is not uncommon to find a death was not registered with the civil authorities.
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Re: farrell family
« Reply #37 on: Saturday 06 January 18 08:33 GMT (UK) »
I'm suspicious about DOB (19th Dec. 1909)  of Margaret Mary Farrell, number 8 on list in reply #24. Mary Josephine, number 9, came hot on her heels on 26th Sept. 1910. Margaret Mary's birth wasn't registered until March. How long was the maximum time between birth and registration then?

There is a marriage for Margaret Farrell to George Steward in Bradford. Christopher mentions that Margaret was one of the siblings in Bradford.
Death of Margaret Mary J Steward in 1981 shows a DOB of 19th December 1909.
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Re: farrell family
« Reply #38 on: Tuesday 13 October 20 19:29 BST (UK) »
I am trying to track down a the family of a Paddy Farrell who married Peggy Coghlan.  That had at least two sons Patrick (Born 1825) and a younger brother named Frank. Patrick married a Dorthea Flemming 16 March 1863 before going to America, Frank was married and had a daughter named Maria before going to America.

I am trying to find out if Paddy and Peggy had any other children.

Any help would be appreciated.