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Re: buck
« Reply #9 on: Thursday 27 December 12 16:14 GMT (UK) »
Hello Pootle,

i was intrested in this as i have Bucks from Hoxton area connected to Canterbury in my tree,as well as Perkins connected to Whitstable/Chislet/Canterbury/Ashford,and im wondering if theres a link.

My 4xgreat grandmothers 1st cousin was a horse dealer named William George Spain,who married a girl named Mary Ann Streeting in Canterbury when she was just 14,apparently not unusual back then.She was the daughter of Thomas Streeting,a marine stores dealer born in Canterbury in 1818,and Elizabeth Buckley,from Ireland.Thomas sister,Mary Streeting was a licensed hawker born in Canterbury in 1823.She married a licensed hawker named Daniel Buck in Blean in 1841.He was born London,Middlesex in 1815,according to census.They both died in Birmingham in 1876 and dont appear to have had children.

Daniels siblings were:

James born 1816 E London traveller

John born 1813 E London hawker/china and glass dealer married Emma Wiltshire.

Mry born 1826 Hoxton married 1st Thomas Hitchcock in Blean in 1841 then William Yeates in Canterbury in 1855.

Hannah born 1829 Hoxton.

There parents were James Buck born 1791 Melbourne,Derbyshire hawker glass,china etc and Mary ???.

I think James parents were John Buck and Patience Price.

Its been a while since i looked at this family,and i seem to recall i found them intresting because they start by appearing Romany from occupations etc,and then some seem to become settled and work as auctioneers,that kind of thing,also links to East End Jewish families,suger boilers etc.

I will dig out more if youre intrested,maybe we could share info.

Also,my 5xgreat grandmother,wife of John Spain,was Sarah Warner born 1795 Whitstable,part of a family that included marine stores,general and old iron dealers.

Theres an Albert Warner,marine store dealer,who married Emma Perkins nee Holness in Canterbury in 1864,she was the widow of Robert Perkins.

Roberts uncle was a fishmonger/hawker named Robert Perkins born Chislet in 1798,wife was Mary ???.
There children:

Mary born 1821 Chislet.

Ann born 1826 Canterbury married wood dealer William Sayer.

Esther born 1828 Canterbury married chimney sweep William Ramsden.

Robert born 1831 Whitstable was a chair bottomer/hawker.

Stephen born 1839 Canterbury hawker married Frances Barden in Ashford in 1869,their son Stephen also a hawker.

Some of this might be useful or relevant.Hope to hear from you.


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Re: buck
« Reply #10 on: Friday 28 December 12 14:27 GMT (UK) »
Hello Nel,

your info looks very interesting. I have PMd you.
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Re: buck
« Reply #11 on: Friday 18 October 13 13:24 BST (UK) »
Funny thing is I have been going through my files and came across this  it looks like John Buck[ both born buckingham buckinghamshre] married a Hester Standley/Stanley in buckingham on 25/5/1736 do no know if linked at all just thought i would pass it on.
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Re: buck
« Reply #12 on: Monday 13 April 20 12:48 BST (UK) »
I've just found this old thread whilst researching William Clifton Buck 1818-1878.

Pootle - William Clifton Buck is also my 3x G Grandfather. I'm descended through his son-in-law Charles Pearce and then Charles' son George Pearce.

I don't know anything about William's parents though.

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Re: buck
« Reply #13 on: Monday 22 November 21 00:59 GMT (UK) »
I'm a Buck from Australia,. Father was born in Mansfield, he claims that he is from gypsy lineage, but I don't know for sure as he stopped talking to his father around 13 and I have no contact with my grandfather as a result. He moved to Australia Perth when he was 4. My mother comes from Bullocks in Gloucester, her father was born in forrest of dean area and claims gypsy lineage aswell. But he has recently passed and I can no longer ask him. I don't know if this helps you but I ask that if you lean anything about bucks around Mansfield that moved tomperth around the 60s or 70s that would be helpful to me,,, thanks