Author Topic: Jane Flanders of Roxton COMPLETED  (Read 7928 times)

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Re: Jane Flanders of Roxton
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 27 December 11 10:24 GMT (UK) »
Thanks David for your reply, just goes to prove you really need to check every piece of information again & again, as we all no sometimes even I make silly mistakes when copying records out!!!!!!

Happy New Year

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Re: Jane Flanders of Roxton COMPLETED
« Reply #10 on: Sunday 08 January 12 10:04 GMT (UK) »
James Trueman was buried Cardington on 11 Nov 1849 aged 51 so born circa 1798 (ties in with his baptism on 24 Mar 1799)

Jane Elizabeth Trueman was buried 17 Oct 1847 age 16, so she's daughter of James & Jane, baptised 03 Apr 1831
Census information is Crown Copyright, from
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