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Links: Family History Society - Yorkshire
« on: Sunday 18 May 03 09:23 BST (UK) »
Barnsley Family History Society

Bradford FHS Website

Doncaster FHS Website

Huddersfield & District FHS Website
Keighley & District FHS Website
Wharfdale FHG Website

Wakefield & District FHS Website

Morley & District FH Group Website
Harrogate  & District FH Society Website

Rotherham  FHS Website

Calderdale FHS Website

Pontyfract & District FHS Website
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Re: Links: Family History Society - Yorkshire
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 11 September 04 19:37 BST (UK) »
Hi RootsChat,

Noticed in your post above my two local societies aren't mentioned so here are the links.

Barnsley FHS

Sheffield & District FHS

Some people may wonder why there seems to be no FHS for Leeds. This area comes within the scope of  the Yorkshire Archaeological Society (Family History Section), with it's fantastic library at Claremont.



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Re: Links: Family History Society - Yorkshire
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 04 November 04 20:11 GMT (UK) »
Isn't there an FHS in Leeds?  Most of my husband's family come from that area and I could do with some help!
Thank you

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Link: Hillsborough and Owlerton Local History Group
« Reply #3 on: Friday 15 February 08 05:42 GMT (UK) »
The Historic Hillsborough website is intended to give people anywhere in the world, access to information about the history of the area of Sheffield in the UK known as Hillsborough and Owlerton. In addition other sources of information such as publications and websites are also included.

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Huddersfield Local History Society
« Reply #4 on: Saturday 10 September 11 10:40 BST (UK) »
The Huddersfield Local History Society website is at link updated Oct 2017 thanks kat

Lots of links which will be of interest to anybody with Huddersfield connections.

Also there is an online version of the excellent "Discovering old Huddersfield" series of books by Gordon and Enid Minter, though I see from the note that Gordon is sadly no longer with us.

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Link: Hebden Bridge Local Hiistory Society
« Reply #5 on: Wednesday 09 November 11 11:16 GMT (UK) »
Local History site with links to Heptonstall MIs
Bland, Greenwood Bland, Ellis, Benn, Woodhead, Priestley, Illingworth, Lightowler, Platts, Boys, Bradley, O'Hara, Hall<br /><br />Areas -  North Bierley, Northowram, West Bowling, Horton, Shelf, Allerton, Queensbury, Haworth, Ovenden, Halifax, Luddenden, Midgley, Elland, Littleborough

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Harrogate and District FHS
« Reply #6 on: Saturday 26 January 13 18:25 GMT (UK) »

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Re: Links: Family History Society - Yorkshire
« Reply #7 on: Monday 23 October 17 00:37 BST (UK) »
Huddersfield local history society is at the following website now.....
Holmfirth, Austonley, Hoylandswaine etc: WIBBERLEY and FIELD
Marriages from above names to....CROOKS, WHITELEY, KAYE, DEARNALLY
Waterford, Ireland: POWER and SULLIVAN (Osullivan also)