Author Topic: Death in Mildura VIC 1899- Edward Mostyn THELWELL  (Read 6055 times)

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Re: Death in Mildura VIC 1899- Edward Mostyn THELWELL
« Reply #27 on: Monday 03 December 12 15:21 GMT (UK) »

This family is neither related to me nor my clients.

I stumbled across them whilst I was looking for a missing FENWICK in my own family.

In England, Edward Mostyn THELWELL had married a widow of Henry FENWICK who was from a Northumberland branch of the FENWICK's and possibly related to my own NBL FENWICK's. All very tenuous but once I started researching the widow (Sarah THELWELL) formerly Sarah FENWICK nee HILTON, I was hooked. The family were fascinating.

After their marriage EMT went missing on the UK census and it was only by chance I was told of him dying in Mildura. After that all the pieces fell into place. Whether he deserted Sarah or agreed to leave, I don't know. He did have a murky past and I don't know if she was aware of it when she married him. Her own past was very strange.

Edith Lawrence was EMT's executrix and gave her former address as Ravensworth Mildura, that was the same address as EMT at the time he wrote his will.  He left all his assets to her but there was very little after his debts were paid. The will witnesses were Frederick William Lawrence and John Thomas Gardener.

This has been a very involved piece of research but I think I have it all now.

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Re: Death in Mildura VIC 1899- Edward Mostyn THELWELL
« Reply #28 on: Tuesday 05 February 13 11:44 GMT (UK) »
Hi Gen, Cando, Kim et al

Well, what a fascinating thread! I knew nothing at all about Edward Mostyn Thelwell or that he ended up in Mildura. I always assumed that Tryphena was the only one in the family who migrated here to Australia.

I'm Tryphena Mostyn Owen and John Tanner's great-great-great-granddaughter. I have learnt heaps of information about the Mostyn family, being as well-documented and influential as they were. Only today I discovered that Tryphena's brother Edward Mostyn Owen married Mary Susan Parker, daughter of Marianne Darwin (sister to Charles) and Henry Parker. And of course Tryphena's cousin Fanny was Charles' love interest before he set sail on the Beagle. They sure were an interesting family!

I haven't read through all this thread in detail yet.. look forward to knowing more about my colourful distant cousin :-)

Cheers, Rachel

PS Note that the death index entry for Tryphena Tanner (nee Mostyn Owen) quoted above is wrong. Her mother (and Edward's grandmother) was Elizabeth Sophia Hinchliffe. Tryphena's granddaughter Ruth Belton was the informant on her death certificate and managed to botch it right up!
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Re: Death in Mildura VIC 1899- Edward Mostyn THELWELL
« Reply #29 on: Sunday 04 April 21 03:31 BST (UK) »

I just came across this thread (some 9 years after it was posted!).

Edith Lawrence, who "Major" Edward Mostyn Thelwell made his executor and beneficiary, was in fact a relation of mine. She was the sister of my Great Grandfather Frederick Lawrence, who (along with a brother Philip Lawrence and another sister Elsie, and parents Herbert and Mary), all settled in Mildura before giving the game away and relocating to Toora around 1900 to become Dairy Farmers.

Now we are very curious as to the nature of the relationship between Edith and Edward, and about this place "Ravensworth".

Edith did subsequently marry in Toora to John Gardener, who was also in Mildura and had emigrated with the family from Birmingham.

Cheers MT