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What I want for Christmas
« on: Monday 03 December 12 04:26 GMT (UK) »
My wish for Christmas
I wish that someone somewhere can help me with finding the parents of my great grandfather, but I am not content with that; next I want the parents of two great grandfathers and by now you may realise that they all come from Ireland ::)
I hear so often of fairygodmothers/fathers or angels heping out (even the odd psychic would do) and to have them come and say - here they are would really make my day ;) ;)
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Re: What I want for Christmas
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday 04 December 12 10:05 GMT (UK) »
I think there are a lot of us in the same position, Bev  :)

My g.g. grandfather was born in London, and on the two documents that he filled in with his place of birth, he obligingly put "London" and "Middlesex, London".  That, combined with a very common surname means that my brick wall will probably remain.

The sad truth for all of us doing genealogy that a brick wall is inevitable somewhere along the line.

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Best Wishes,  Nick.

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Re: What I want for Christmas
« Reply #2 on: Tuesday 04 December 12 11:14 GMT (UK) »
Hi I have the same problem I have found ancestors  born Ireland abt 1790 and then have moved to England but I can't trace there parents or what part off ireland they were born as there seems to be a lack of records for ireland its a shame as like you I would like to find there parents names and who they were etc  :)
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Re: What I want for Christmas
« Reply #3 on: Wednesday 05 December 12 00:21 GMT (UK) »
Is it the darn Irish?  :D  I'm working on my dad's side - lots of Irish who came to Canada in the late 1700s & early 1800s. Other than Wexford County, I'm at a loss - & likely always will be.   :P
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Re: What I want for Christmas
« Reply #4 on: Wednesday 05 December 12 03:54 GMT (UK) »
It can even happen in Australia.

I have a couple as parents of one of wifes ancestors. Got the marriage certificate, but any other information, forget it. No birth info, no death info, no migration info..............

They just appear, get married, give birth, and then disappear. Mumble, mumble...............................

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