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Apprentice shoe/bootmakers
« on: Thursday 27 December 12 13:40 GMT (UK) »
Hi all,
I'm trying to find out if a guy was apprenticed by his future father in law.
The problem is, he's had several name changes over the years and I have no idea if he was even an apprentice.

Meyer Eliasar FRIESER was born 16 Sep 1825 in Rotterdam.
At some stage he went to England where he met and married Scottish born Mary CAMERON on 28 July 1850 at St. Margaret's Church, Romford, Barking, Essex.
According to the marriage certificate he was a shoe maker and Mary was a boot classer.
His name is recorded as: Myres FREAZIER.

Mary CAMERON's father was Robert CAMERON.

The 1851 census has both families in Kent.
They moved to Northampton and
The 1861 census has both families in Sheerness, Kent.

Mr FRIESER or FRIEZER's name changes (or spelling) are as follows:

Born:         Meyer Eliasar FRIESER
1825, Rotterdam

Marriage:      Myres FREASIER      Occ:   Shoe Maker
1850, Romford, Barking, Essex

Census         Mira FRASER         Occ:   Shoemaker Journeyman
30 Mar 1851, 7 Oaks, Kent
Robert Cameron there too

Bth Child 1:      Myer FRAZER      Occ:   Shoe Maker
1852, Northampton

Bth Child 2:      Myer FRIEZIR      Occ:   Shoe Maker
1853, Northampton

Vacination Cert Ch 2:   Jeremiah FRIASAR
1854, Northampton

Bth Child 3:      Myer FRAIZER      Occ:   Shoe Maker Journeyman
1856, Sheerness, Kent

Bth Child 4:      Meyer FRIEZER      Occ:   Bootmaker Journeyman
1858, Berwick Street, St. James Parish, Westminster

Bth Child 5:      Myer FRIEZER      Occ:   Shoemaker Master
1859, Sheerness, Kent

Census         John FREZEAR      Occ:   Bootmaker
7 April 1861, Sheerness, Kent
Robert Cameron there too

Dth Child 5:      Myer FRIZER         Occ:   Bootmaker Master
1861, Sheerness, Kent

Bth Child 6:      John Myer FRIEZER      Occ:   Bootmaker Journeyman
1862, St. Luke Parish, London

Baptisms Children 4, 5 and 6      
John Meyer FREAZIER    Occ: Bootmaker
1862, St. John, Bethnal Green

Bth Child 7:      John Myer FRIEZER      Occ:   Bootmaker Journeyman

Dth Child 7:      John Myer FRIEZER      Occ:    Bootmaker Journeyman
1867, St. James Parish, Westminster

Immigration:      John FRIEZER      Age:   38 Assisted British Immigration

I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Thank you.

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Re: Apprentice shoe/bootmakers
« Reply #1 on: Friday 28 December 12 18:54 GMT (UK) »

  Well I see he is described in the later records as 'Journeyman bootmaker' and  'Master Bootmaker'.  Either of these would indicate that he had completed an apprenticeship. 'Journeyman' means that he had finished his apprenticeship but could not afford to set up in business on his own so worked for an employer. I apologise if you already know this, but 'journeyman' has no connection with travelling; it's from the French 'journee' (day) because they were originally paid by the day.  If he was a Master Bootmaker he would have had his own business. Now was he telling the truth or inflating his occupation to look good? Assuming he was truthful it looks as if he went into business on his own account, but possibly could not make it pay as he is back to Journeyman later.
Hope this helps (I live in Northamptonshire)
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