Author Topic: Toronto genealogy resources?  (Read 3295 times)


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Toronto genealogy resources?
« on: Thursday 02 June 05 17:50 BST (UK) »
  I am visiting Toronto for a few days, and wondered how to avail myself of some quality genealogy time - should I visit the Toronto Public Library?  I will be searching a family (James S Hastings) who emigrated to Canada from Scotland (abt 1882) and then to the US - I have US census records, and his only son was born in Canada ard 1889.
   Would I find BMD records or census records online in the Public Library?


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Re: Toronto genealogy resources?
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 02 June 05 18:38 BST (UK) »
If the son was born in Ontario in 1889 your best bet is to head to the Ontario archives.  They not only have the birth indexes there, but you can see the actual registers with the information on microfilm up until 1908 at this point.  Each year they release the following year of records ( ie - next year they will release the 1909 births.) The archives are at 77 Grenville St in Toronto, and have some great resources.  I live in Toronto - and have availed myself of their services for many years.  PM me and maybe I can help you out at the archives if I have the time....

census information is crown copyright

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derby - fearn
durham - moon, bowman, waters
kent - millgate, hatcher, cox, alaby, gibbs, goodbourne, hollams
lancashire - dears, bradborn, matthews, burke
london - mears
northumberland - curry, grey
yorkshire - bergan, ackney, irwin, sclaes, metcalf, crosby
caithness - stewart, waters, gunn, cormack, horne
refrewshire - houston, dow
hamburg germany - dears ( deircs)


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Re: Toronto genealogy resources?
« Reply #2 on: Friday 03 June 05 18:49 BST (UK) »
  Thanks for the information and generous offer of possible assistance at the Archives  :) As I am attending a conference my trip to the Archives will be - at best - a quick hop into the cab - but I do appreciate the information about the archives, and will begin my searching there.
   I am not positive the son was born in Ontario, but will start there based on some family information.

   am looking forward to visiting your city as I heard it is a wonderful place!


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Re: Toronto genealogy resources?
« Reply #3 on: Thursday 09 June 05 02:33 BST (UK) »
If you haven't left yet, you may also want to consider the 6th floor of the North York Central branch of the Toronto Public Library. This is the TPL's local history and genealogy dept. They have a large self-serve microfilm area with the BMD index (not the actual registers), directories, shipping lists, census returns, cemetery monument inscriptions, etc.

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