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Re: Mallinson Road, SW11 (Simpson family no.84)
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Charles James Simpson born 27the September 1905, I am from Middlesbrough and at one time I was living in Battersea, where I met Charles  James Simpson who lived at 84 Mallinson Road....his house was full OF junk. I was living in a bedsit in Battersea Rise.   Charles James  Simpson said that his wife Kathleen (nee Glynn) had died and that his daughter went to live in Brighton. he had found some woman who he was involved with but that  she had  later died. I moved back to my home town of Middlesbrough and I invited Charles James Simpson up to  Middlesbrough to stay a weekend at my council flat. I would give him a change of clothes and he would have a bath and we would go to the local parks and to the coast and to the moors, before he returned to his home in Battersea. he said that he would like to take me to meet his solicitor at Lee and Pembertons  at 45 Pont Street to meet solicitor David Eldridge.  Charles Simpson said that he wanted to move to Middlesbrough after selling his house at 84 Mallinson Road(he sold two floors of the house to PHOTOGRAPHER TOBY CORNIE/CORNEY, then he sold the  his ground floor apartment to TOBY CORNEY. Charles James Simpson had an appointment at 45 Pont Street, Knightsbridge with solicitor  David Eldridge he told David Eldridge that he wanted to sell his house in Battersea and to buy a bungalow in Middlesbrough, and he told David Eldridge to add my name to the deeds to the bungalow that he would buy in Middlesbrough. David Eldridge made sure that I hadn't put any undue pressure on Charles James Simpson, for my name to be added to the bungalow that Charles James Simpson was buying. So far so good except  that I didn't get independent legal advice and I didnt realise what I was getting  myself into. David Eldridge didn't say to me "Do you know what you are letting yourself in for ?" One day I phoned David Eldridge and I told him that Charles James Simpson was shouting and being very unpleasant  to me all the time and that it was like walking on eggshells, trying to talk to Charles James Simpson" The reply from David Eldridge was " What do you think I am ?! I am not a counsellor!"   So david Eldridge wasnt bothered about how difficult it was for me. David Eldridge's junior Vibeke Walton had given me verbal assurance that David eldridge and her were loking after my interests NOT JUST THE INTERESTS OF CHARLES JAMES SIMPSON WHO HAD PAID THE BILL. david Eldridge had taken my name off the deeds to 72 Highfield Road Middlesbrough and had added the name of Mrs G.P. McGill's name to the deeds so it was alongside the name of Charles James Simpson, and then david eldridge took my name off the will of Charles james Simpson and he added the name of Mrs g.P. McGill . Mrs G.P. McGill inherited the bungalow 72 Highfield road, Middlesbrough and she was left money in Charles's will. Mrs G.P. McGill had said to me "what are you going to do with the bungalow if anything happens to Charles james Simpson, before telling me her sad situation. Maxine McGill then contacted David Eldridge to give the request that my name be taken off the deeds to 72 Highfield road and my mothers name added,,, DID DAVID ELDRIDGE MAKE SURE THAT MO ONE WAS PUTTING UNDUE PRESSURE ON ME to take my name of the deeds and add their name??