Author Topic: SLOVAKIA/HUNGARY - Albert Vincent BALZARY born 1814  (Read 3044 times)

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Re: SLOVAKIA/HUNGARY - Albert Vincent BALZARY born 1814
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The only thing I can add, I have stated earlier in this string. 

In 1848 - 1849, the Austrians had a purge against any Hungarians who were thought to have participated in a recent revolution which sought to separate the Austro-Hungarian Empire into two separate countries.  Quite a number of citizens found it a wise move to leave the country and settle elsewhere. 

That may have been your ancestor's motivation to move, and as someone with connections to the mining industry, the recent finds of gold in Australia may have appeared to have been a very tempting opportunity.

Behind the Irish wife may be another fascinating story.  A female member of my ancestry was a convict in Parrametta Jail.  According to stories, the incarcerated ladies were often lined up and their sentences would be terminated if any male visitor selected one of them to be his future spouse.
Food for thought and further investigation?

Regards Roy