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Someone else's name problem
« on: Sunday 11 July 04 21:37 BST (UK) »
Hope that it is OK to paste in this as it is a lesson to us all!
From site which is well worth the read.

A problem with spelling

When she took 'er up to Quarry Bank Church to be christened she told the clergyman4 "I want 'er named Valerie." 'E says to mother, 'e says " 'Ow d'yer spell it?" Mother couldn't read, not at all.  After a bit o' talk 'e said, "I think yer better tek 'er back", 'e says, " 'an' bring 'er another day.  I'll christen 'er then." Of course, 'e expected mother to go an' find out 'ow ter spell Valerie.  There was nobody in Quarry Bank as could spell it.

When 'er took it back next time 'e says "I can't christen 'er if I can't spell 'er name." So mother says "Oh well, I bay comin' up 'ere no more with 'er.  Yo' gotta christen 'er now.  'Er gotta be named summut", 'er says.  "Name 'er Mary Ann, yo' can spell that cor you?" "Oh yes", 'e says "I can spell that." And she was christened Mary Ann, but that never altered 'er name what 'er should've 'ad.  When mother brought 'er back - they always shortened the name then - 'er was Vally.  'Er went all through life with that name.

Rose (Black Country),Downs (Black Country),Wolloxall (any and all),Bark (Derbyshire),Wright (Derbyshire),Marsden (Derbyshire), Wallace (Black Country)

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