Author Topic: Gifford - 1841/1851 census  (Read 5465 times)

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Re: Gifford - 1841/1851 census
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 26 July 05 05:58 BST (UK) »
Thanks very much Kris ;D

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Re: Gifford - 1841/1851 census
« Reply #10 on: Thursday 03 October 13 22:51 BST (UK) »
Hi John

My mum was interested in family history and I was Googling family names for fun when I saw your post.  I contacted my mum's cousin and she sent me this reply:

From my memory Clara Fortune Gifford (my Great Grandmother) was the lady who
walked from Devon to London to find work/her fortune!! My Dad remembers his
Grandmother quite clearly and thinks he has a copy of her birth certificate
somewhere. Clara certainly had a son called George (my Grandad's brother).

Other members of my family have a quite extensive family tree - I can find out more if it helps you.  Clara was the daughter of Ann Russ and Nathanial Gifford, and our branch of the family descended from Clara's daughter who married a Turner.

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Re: Gifford - 1841/1851 census
« Reply #11 on: Tuesday 19 January 16 15:31 GMT (UK) »
Hi turnerjr

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