Author Topic: Frederic(k) Furber - Saskatchewan, Canada  (Read 2978 times)

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Re: Frederic(k) Furber - Saskatchewan, Canada
« Reply #45 on: Saturday 06 April 19 12:27 BST (UK) »
That is great when people connect.  It is amazing even years later that people "google" and find a thread which mentions there family.  Fabulous site. Second to none.  ;D ;D

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Re: Frederic(k) Furber - Saskatchewan, Canada
« Reply #46 on: Thursday 10 September 20 02:40 BST (UK) »
Amazing where the internet takes you! One of Frederic(k)'s daughters - Daisy Gregory Furber was my Grandmother. She was married to Kenneth Snider (originally from Ontario) who worked on the Canadian Pacific Railway and had 3 sons, Albert Kenneth Snider (my father), Lloyd Snider and Blair Clifford Snider. Frederic and family immigrated to a place called Biggar in Saskatchewan. I was told that Frederic was a judge in Biggar but have no information to confirm that and unfortunately all 3 sons have passed. Daisy married a man name Skip Harwood after Kenneth Snider passed but I'm afraid I never met this gentleman. Daisy's brother Dunstan lived in California for many years I'm not sure if he ever married. I only met him when he was in his 80's when he came to live with Daisy in Vancouver. As I just happened upon this site I can ask my sister if she has any more information regarding Frederic and get back to you. Very interesting to read about my Grandmother's family history in the UK.

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Re: Frederic(k) Furber - Saskatchewan, Canada
« Reply #47 on: Friday 11 September 20 05:26 BST (UK) »
Welcome to Rootschat, Ausnadian!

As it seems over the years people have popped in looking for Frederick, so here is a picture of him!
(At least, the notes indicate Mr. Furber, 84, and the picture was 1943, so the age is right!)