Author Topic: Finding my father  (Read 395 times)

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Finding my father
« on: Friday 04 July 14 10:23 BST (UK) »
Hello everyone, I'm very new to this but my name is Kieran
I'm looking for my biological father.
I've been told to give as much info as possible so here goes...
My name: Kieran Galea
My biological fathers name: JG My
birthdate: 1990's
My mothers name: A T (Maiden name is "M")
My place of birth: Kent

I am told that he used to work security at blue water shopping centre and was in the military at some point.

I'd really appreciate any help that can be offerd.

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Re: Finding my father
« Reply #1 on: Friday 04 July 14 10:51 BST (UK) »
Welcome to Rootschat, I'm sorry but this is far to recent for anyone to be able to help you, the only thing I can suggest is you contact the office that hold your adoption papers.

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Re: Finding my father
« Reply #2 on: Friday 04 July 14 12:57 BST (UK) »
Hi Kieran

Welcome to Rootschat  ;D

I'm sorry but Rootschat isn't a forum for finding living relatives or missing people so names and dates have been removed in accordance with our 'no living people' policy.

We have a more detailed topic here with hints and tips

If you haven't already, you can do a free search at and you will see there are several men of his name even if you limit the area to Kent.

You'll need to buy credits to see further details.

But I would add that, unless there are legal implications, we all have the right to privacy and it should never be assumed those searching have the right to insist on any contact.

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