Author Topic: George Dixon, railway signalman at Morpeth Northumberland 1955-6  (Read 1066 times)

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George Dixon, railway signalman at Morpeth Northumberland 1955-6
« on: Saturday 02 August 14 18:00 BST (UK) »

Hello all!

I wrote the below query to the England (Counties as in 1851-1901) ŧ England - General ŧ Northumberland. I had a tip that It would be wise to share more details in here.

"At first I want to apologize my poor English, but hope you all will understand what Iīm writing 
I am looking for my grandfather and his relatives. The story goes like this:

My grandmother who is Finnish moved to England around 1950, she is born in 1931. She had two children with my grandfather George Dixon. Helen was born in 1955 and Thomas (my father) 1956.
My grandmother who is called Helvi, moved back to Finland with the children approximately in the beginning of 1960īs. Since then, nobody have not heard anything about George.

I have tried to search him over the years a few times. I ordered Helenīs and Thomasīs birth certificates which shows that when Helen was born, my grandmother had her maiden name, but when Thomas was born she had changed her name into Dixon, but I havenīt been able to find any proof that they were married.

Also I contacted the cottage where they lived, the family remembers George, Helvi and the children but nobody knows where he went after her family moved back to Finland.

The birth certificates shows that they were living in Northumberland.

Also I have used search service in Northumberland Archives but they were unable to find nothing.
George was a railway signalman what shows in Helenīs and Thomasīs birth certificates but thatīs all we know about him, we donīt even know his middle name, year of birth, nothing.

I know this is a long shot, but Helvi had told that George had other children and If somebody reads and recognize the story I would be really appreciate to contact me."

My Grandmotherīs maiden name was Palm. My aunt's birth certificate shows that Palm was Helviīs surname when she had her first child, but my father's birth certificate shows that her surname had change into Dixon. However I haven't been able to find any proof that she and George were married.
My aunts name is Helen Mary Dixon and she was born 1955. My father's name is Thomas Martin Dixon, he was born 1956. Helvi Palm was born in 1931.

I believe that Helvi moved to England late 40īs, and I believe that at first she was an au pair for a married couple who both were teachers.
Helvi and George lived in East house farm cottages in Acklington Morpeth.
Georgeīs occupation was a railway signalman.
I contacted the East house farm cottages and they remembered that George was admitted to Morphets mental hospital in some point but no records was wound when I searched. My father was remembering that he had heard something about an accident in the railways and  that George was involved in that accident and hospitalized after that, but I donīt know is that true.
I also have one photograph of George and I will put it here also.

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Re: George Dixon, railway signalman at Morpeth Northumberland 1955-6
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 03 August 14 10:23 BST (UK) »
There is a duplicate topic here with replies so I've locked this to prevent duplication of effort

If you still need to start another topic regarding railway records, please do so but please include a link to your other topic.
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