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Re: Deazely, Tyrone
« Reply #9 on: Sunday 07 September 14 06:07 BST (UK) »
Again, thank you everyone for your help. I have looked up all the birth entries as noted by members; Matilda Jane (1865) Margaret (1868), William (1870) John (Deazley 1872) and Thomas (1874). The older children, Elizabeth (1857) James (1859) Catherine (1861) and Anne (1863) fall before the beginning of records.
Could I ask if anyone has come across obviously inaccurate records? The marriage cert of the parents, John Deazley and Margaret Park (22 April 1856) states that their respective fathers are Joseph and John. I think the writing is fainter and in a different hand from the foregoing details on the certificate. I am sure that John's father is James (died 1877 on GRONI), hence the name of the eldest son. There are no Josephs in the family. Margaret's father was Alexander Park (died 1869 and registered by John Deazely).  The last child, born after arrival in New Zealand, was called Alexander as a consequence. One can never be too careful, but the scarcity of 'Deazelys' and the fact that John and Margaret were illiterate weighs somewhat. Alas, the New Zealand birth certificate of Alexander gives a different marriage date - and in 1858, not 1856, but that was recorded in 1877, after 20 years.

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Re: Deazely, Tyrone
« Reply #10 on: Sunday 07 September 14 09:07 BST (UK) »
Not every family followed a traditional naming pattern. If the first son was named James after John's father then the 2nd son (William) should have been named after Margaret's father yet her father was John (according to the marriage record yet you say he was Alexander). Using the same pattern the 3rd daughter should have been named Margaret after her mother (unless that was also one of the grandmothers' names) yet it was the 4th one that was named after her mother.

The certificate you mention- is it the Irish marriage certificate (1856) for John & Margaret? If so, can you post a snippet of the section with the fathers' names?

For reference here are some of the extracted records for the family-
marriage (1856)-

Matilda Jane (1865)
Margaret (1868)
William (1870)
John (1872)
Thomas (1874)
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Re: Deazely, Tyrone
« Reply #11 on: Saturday 13 September 14 08:54 BST (UK) »
Good evening Aghadowey. Thank you for the interest in my problem. I can generally only concentrate on genealogy in the weekends.
The point is taken about the names and there is no consistent order in this case.
The facts are:
1.  the NZ death certificate of Margaret Daisley (nee Park) in 1884 gives father as Alexander Park (farmer) and mother as Matilda Couter.
2.  the church census of 1835 (presbyterian, Mullabane Townland, Dromore) gives Alexander Park as head of household with Matty Park (wife) and the last daughter named is Margaret who would have just been born. (incidentally there is no daughter named Catherine)
3. as mentioned the death certificate of Alexander Park in 1869 aged 65 shows the informant as John Deazely, occupier at Knocknahorn. Alexander's occupation is Cottier. He is a widower.
4. John Daisley's NZ death cert 1903 gives father as James Daisley (Shoemaker) and Eliza Vance.
5. As mentioned James Deazely,shoemaker died Drumlish Dromore in 1877 and the informant is Elizabeth Deazely who presumably is the wife since he is not called a widower.
6. The Catherine name among the children is replicated in a Catherine Daisley who accompanied my family when they emigrated to NZ in 1875. I don't know if she is a younger sister or niece of John.
In all, the facts seem to show that there is a mistake on the marriage cert. I tried to get a snippet to copy, but could not succeed sorry. I have photographed the page and will see if that works. It is good to get another opinion since I have jumped to wrong conclusions in the past.
Any comments welcomed.

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Re: Deazely, Tyrone
« Reply #12 on: Friday 25 November 16 09:26 GMT (UK) »
I have a few Deazeleys in my family tree. Mathew Deazeley (1842-1916) , his wife Catherine Caldwell (1851-1911) and their children Catherine, John, Mary Jane (Minnie), Mathew, Thomas and Charles were all born in Ireland (I think in Dromore, Tyrone) and moved to the Glasgow area of Scotland between 1891-1901. All these family members are in the 1901 Scotland Census. Their oldestvson James married Elizabeth Hamilton in Glasgow in 1897. Another son William Deazeley I believe remained in Ireland and died in 1897 in Tyrone. I think there was another daughter Lizzie who was born 1873. According to information on Mathew's death certificate in 1916 his parents were Mathew Deazeley (farmer) and Elizabeth Vance. It's possible that the father named as being Mathew is wrong as Mathew and Catherine's oldest son was called James and if the traditional naming pattern of calling the oldest son after his paternal grandfather was followed. Thomas Deazeley (1887-1953) married my Great Aunt. Also Mathew Deazeley's (1886-1958) daughter Jeannie married my Uncle.
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