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jurgen heinrich meyer
« on: Monday 20 October 14 14:58 BST (UK) »

Hi All,

My first time so please be patient.

I am trying to trace the birth place of a friends great grandfather, one jurgen heinrich meyer.
I have him marrying in Liverpool in 1875. His birth is given as 1848 Britel Sabest Germany, but I can't seem to find this anywhere. So if anyone can throw any light on this place I would be extremely grateful.   

thanking you in anticipation.

David groom

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Re: jurgen heinrich meyer
« Reply #1 on: Monday 20 October 14 15:06 BST (UK) »
Hello & welcome
Are you sure it doesn't say British Subject Germany?
Can you give any census ref. no. for him & who he married as he's not showing anywhere.
I can see his marriage, do you have the cert. ?

Sep 1875
Meyer  Jürgen Heinerich    Liverpool  8b 492
Warks:Ashford;Cadby;Clarke;Clifford;Cooke Copage;Easthope;
Salop:Easthope,Eddowes,Hoorde,Oteley,Vernon,Talbot,De Neville.
India Kane;Felton;Cadby
Kings of Wessex & Scotland
Census information is Crown copyright,from

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Re: jurgen heinrich meyer
« Reply #2 on: Monday 20 October 14 21:46 BST (UK) »
Lancashire BMD shows that Jürgen married Martha Hetty REDHEAD - Registry Office or Registrar Attended.

An online tree shows that he subsequently anglicised his name to John MYERS.

In 1891, the family is living in Kirkdale with the surname MYERS (Martha's mother Sarah is living with them), and "John" is a British Subject, born in Germany. (RG12-2965-8-10)  Depending on the source you are using, this may have been mistranscribed in the index, but the image is quite clear. ;)

ANT: Nesbit, Potts; CHS: Gosling (Hazel Grove/Lymm), Hinton (Lymm), Johnson (Hazel Grove), Marsland (Hazel Grove), Massey (Daresbury), Sorton (Warmingham); LAN: Jackson, James, Potts (Manchester/Salford); MAY: Caulfield, Griffin (Leveelick); SAL: Goodwin, Johnson (Bridgnorth), Gregory (Wellington); STS: Goodwin, Gregory, Johnson (Wolverhampton); Hallett (Trysull); SOM: Dowding, James, Jones (Bath)

Census information Crown Copyright, from

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Re: jurgen heinrich meyer
« Reply #3 on: Tuesday 21 October 14 01:38 BST (UK) »
Hi and welcome to rootschat :),

following on from the 1891 census that Manchester Rambler has posted:

1911 -RG14 Piece: 22488.
1901 - RG13 3408 35  62
1881 - RG11 3600 20 37

He's also  anglicised his middle name to Henry
 Initially I was looking for a " George Henry"  as George is another form of Jurgen . I didn't think of John - well done Manchester Rambler.

You may want to look around  1864 for his immigration into Britain ,if what he said on census is to believed, as this seems to be when he came into Britain.
 He should be in the 1871 census  somewhere, Maybe he came over with his parents, he would have only been about 16 in 1864. He could be under  be under his real name in 1871  the earlier days ,mistranscribed somewhere

A few online trees that I looked at have his parents as   Johann Heinrich Myers  and  Elizabeth Lennett  , but I really wouldn't go by that without checking out the hard factual documentation (there seems a lot of copying each others trees going on with the family ) .
None of the ones that I looked at  have him in the 1871 census  and I don't think any of the owners have his actual marriage cert (  as they haven't written his exact marriage date, or address etc, Their marriage date is  just the quarter and address  the reg district).

Does your friend have his marriage cert? What is his  father's name and occupation according to his marriage cert? Are there any witnesses on the cert? What is his given address on his  marriage cert in 1875 as it may help to locate him in the 1871 census.

Kind Regards

Ps I  found a few candidates in 1871 but  it  is impossible to tell if it is him from the little information known, maybe his marriage cert would give some extra clues.
Census information in my posts are crown copyright

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Re: jurgen heinrich meyer
« Reply #4 on: Monday 27 October 14 13:41 GMT (UK) »

  JIM 1.
  Manchester Rambler.

  Many thanks to you all for your reply's.

  I have read your suggestions and tips with interest, and will now be putting them into practice.
  So fingers crossed I should end up knowing more than I do at present.

  A gain many thanks for your time and trouble.

  Kind regards,

  David G.