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Re: A tricky problem needs help
« Reply #9 on: Thursday 18 November 21 07:25 GMT (UK) »
Tie to update this one. Still no further forwardwith it really but I nowknow that George and Margaret Sharp went to live at Trinity Ground in Stepney London. Trinity Ground were alms housed for retired Sea Captains
RG 9/ 297 fo122 p 5   
sch:34   8 Trinity Ground
George SHARP   Head   Widr   79   Retired Master Mariner   Durham Sunderland
Margaret died Mile End District, Middlesex 1858 and George was buried 13 Feb 1862 Age: 81
Abode Trinity Ground, Stepney
Margaret was nee SUMMERS

They must have moved from Berwick between 1851 and 1858
I have written to several places to see if there is an entry register for the Alms Houses but so far have drawn a blank

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