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Re: An actress in the family
« Reply #18 on: Friday 05 December 14 12:15 GMT (UK) »
The other thing to consider is that Family Stories do sometimes get changed and exaggerated over the years. I have found that more often than not there is an element of truth in them, but also more often than not there is a lot of embellishment, or inaccuracy - even that it actually related to a different  person.

Maybe Mary Ann was, rather than being a career actress, in an Amateur Dramatics play performing this play when she was taken ill (with "stage fright" or with more likely with something else) and died. You can imagine the scenario if she collapsed as about to go on to stage, the story would soon start about stage fright, when maybe she was ill with something else all along.
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Re: An actress in the family
« Reply #19 on: Saturday 27 January 18 14:08 GMT (UK) »
I think you will find Mary if you search for "Silley" in Plaistow.  Perhaps this will reveal her occupation, or who she is living with? (Doesn't seem to be with family as far as I can tell from the free index).

A possible marriage/kids/death might be:
1915 in West Ham district, Mary A Lilley to Stephen Chapman
son 1917 West Ham (Chapman/Lilley)
son 1919 St Olave  (Chapman/Lilley)
death 1922 St Olave (Mary A Chapman aged 31)

Hi All,
I think I may have discovered a second marriage for Stephen Chapman to Eleanor Emma Cooper (formerly Leadbetter) in June 1922 in Kent. Is anyone able to look this up please and confirm Stephen is a widower? If this is correct then  I may have also found him on the 1939 Reg. and It may be that his eldest son Samuel C is living with his grandad of the same name in Kent.

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Re: An actress in the family
« Reply #20 on: Monday 01 November 21 03:12 GMT (UK) »
Interesting that Mary Ann was appearing in 'Maria and the Red Barn.' This was a popular murder of 1827 Suffolk where Maria Marten was murdered by her lover William Corden and her body bried in the barn, so called because of its partly red-tiled roof.
There were even Staffordshire flatbacks - mantlepiece ornaments - of the barn, so popular was the event.
Corden was eventually caught and hanged.

Maria's real name was Mary Vine, Corder always called her Mary never Maria, she used the name Maria when she entertained the local men