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Guiseppe Tortolano
« on: Saturday 24 January 15 21:58 GMT (UK) »
Hi Guiseppe Tortolano was my grandfather who was lost at sea on the Arandora Star in 1940.He was born in Cassino Italy.I think his parents were Carl Tortolano and Palmerinda Secondino.We think he might of came over with a brother and stayed in Glasgow.The only thing we have linking him to Glasgow is an address of 382.St Duncan St, Glasgow which is the address of payee for estates of internees.Can anybody shed any light.Thankyou Lawrence

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Re: Guiseppe Tortolano
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 24 January 15 22:46 GMT (UK) »
Hi Lawrence

I can't help specifically but I was looking at another Arandora Star death recently.

Your grandfathers death was recorded in 1942 and an entry can be found in the BT334 records at FindMyPast with a subscription.

The entry only has his surname, initial and the ship he was on.

You can also search here and see that there are 11 topics about crew going down with this ship.
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Re: Guiseppe Tortolano
« Reply #2 on: Saturday 24 January 15 23:17 GMT (UK) »
I think you may have misread the entry in the Register of Soldiers' Effects. The Glasgow address you mention belongs to the entry on the same line on the previous page - if you go back a page you will see that this is the case. The address for the payee for Giuseppe, the widow Mrs A Tortolano , is 19 Percy Street , Middlesborough , on the right hand side of the entry.
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