Author Topic: William Tuckwood 1806 (Bap 16 November 1812)  (Read 10772 times)

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Re: William Tuckwood 1806 (Bap 16 November 1812)
« Reply #63 on: Monday 09 February 15 13:50 GMT (UK) »
Annie the Isaac you mention "He also had a son called Isaac bapt Wysall 1806." was actually baptised in Wysall 13-12-1807 the 1806 Isaac was baptised in Willoughby as I stated on my last reply
"Willoughby baptism
5-5-1805 William son of Joseph and Elizabeth Tuckwood.
With siblings
25-11-1804 Willm.
19-11-1806 Isaac
25-8-1811 Elizabeth"

The other Wysall baptisms are 22-6-1806 Joseph
26-3-1809 Anne
AREA, Nottinghamshire. Lincolnshire. Staffordshire. Leicestershire, Morayshire.
Paternal Line--An(t)(c)liff(e).Faulkner. Mayfield. Cant. Davison. Caunt. Trigg. Rawding. Buttery. Rayworth. Pepper. Otter. Whitworth. Gray. Calder. Laing. Wright. Jackson. Taylor.
Maternal Line--Linsey. Spicer. Corns. Judson. Greensmith. Steel. Woodford. Ellis. Wyan. Callis. Warriner. Rawlin. Merrin. Vale. Summerfield. Cartwright.
Husbands-Beckett. Heald. Pilkington. Arnold. Hall. Willows. Dring. Newcomb. Hawley.

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Re: William Tuckwood 1806 (Bap 16 November 1812)
« Reply #64 on: Sunday 01 May 16 11:33 BST (UK) »
Hi Annie,
I looked into the possibility of the death of William Tuckwood 1779 being John Tuckwood died Fine St aged 57yrs and there was a Fyne St,near to Beck St where William was a Shoemaker.
I think that is him.
Many thanks