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Notes to census and OPR
« on: Monday 19 July 04 22:40 BST (UK) »
I did a bit of trawling through census and OPRs this evening and came across some things I thought I'd share.

On the Newton, Midlothian 1841 census there was a note from the enumerator that was touching, a case of there for the grace of God...

As to the employment of the females in this parish - those in the families of coalminers are generally employed bearing coals under ground upon their backs or what they term themselves putting.  That is pushing the coals on a small railway to the bottom of the pit but where the roof is is not solid or these roads are blocked up they must carry them.  The females again in the the families of the Ag Lab are employed on the clearing (or cleaning?) of crop etc likewise in the barn etc.  James Robertson

This note makes me think he wanted to highlight the plight of the women even though it is written in objective tones?

Another little gem that made me giggle.  In the West Calder (Midlothian) OPRs I was searching for some baptismal records and the dates appeared to be random jumping from 1780, 1798, 1802 and all over the place.  I was getting increasingly frustrated with the scribe.  After 5 pages it was like he spoke to me.  On the fifth page of random entries there was this note...

N.B. The Many blanks and irregularities in this and preceeding pages are occassioned by the carelessness of the parents and not the schoolmaster. Signed Andrew Minto

Our Andrew Minto seemed to be a very correct man and made sure he uncovered the wickedness of sin...

Thomas Jackson farmer of Torphin and JAnet Wallace had a child born in fornication and after giving satisfaction was baptised 15th Nov and named THOMAS

Heyho, off to sleep.


UK Census info. Crown Copyright, from

Dumfrieshire: Fallen, Fallon, Carruthers, Scott, Farish, Aitchison, Green, Ryecroft, Thomson, Stewart
Midlothian: Linn/d, Aitken, Martin
North Wales: Robins(on), Hughes, Parry, Jones
Cumberland: Lowther, Young, Steward, Miller
Somerset: Palmer, Cork, Greedy, Clothier

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