Author Topic: George Smyth Robinson born in Paris in 1793  (Read 4009 times)

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Re: George Smyth Robinson born in Paris in 1793
« Reply #18 on: Wednesday 13 May 15 23:58 BST (UK) »
the idea put forward that  George and Elizabeth would not have been married

It's based on a factual source. Have a read of Thomas Ridout's PCC will - what do you make of the references to Elizabeth?
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Re: George Smyth Robinson born in Paris in 1793
« Reply #19 on: Friday 15 May 15 19:07 BST (UK) »
Reading replies  here are my comments looked up T. Ridout's Will  of 1827 feme sole, "one who has been married is no longer married but is not a widow." His codicil in 1834  may relate to their ? marriage that year their last child was born in that year.  In the notice of Elizabeth's death DEC 1855  she is E.Robinson ,widow of the late G.Smyth Robinson. Do you think they married between 1827 and 1834?  The notice of  Helene's marriage  in 1843 mentions her Father and Grandfather not Elizabeth.
Surely notices in the Court News would be confined to respectable people .I am surprised when I have researched the Robinson  daughters that there is no mention of their Mother , she isn't staying with them,  in 1851 four of then were living in London with their husbands. I have  found in the Census of 1851  an Elizabeth Robinson as a visitor staying with  Peter Perring a retired clergyman.
Perhaps George was not born in ParisI can't remember where i got that from but they were there, why?