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Link: Derbyshire Parish Records
« on: Monday 10 May 04 21:36 BST (UK) »
Crich Parish Website

These records come from a great site called which has been put together by John Spendlove and John Wright.
Heage Parish Church Baptism Register 1819-1838

Heage Parish Church Burials 1847-1864

Heage Parish Church Burials 1864-1878

Saint Lawrence Church Heanor Baptism Records 1837-1894

Saint Lawrence Church Heanor Baptism Records 1816-1837

Wirksworth Parish Records not only has parish records but hearth and Poll Tax Records and even a list of Deserters list.   :) :D ;D :-*
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Duffield Parish Registers, Derbyshire
« Reply #1 on: Friday 21 May 04 14:14 BST (UK) »
The following gives details of Phillimore Parish Registers (Marriages), for the Parish Church of Duffield, Derbyshire from 1598 - 1812.  These are particularly useful because they frequently give the Parish to which the bride or groom belonged if it was not Duffield.  also states if it was by Licence.

The following is for Phillimore Parish Registers ( Marriages), other areas

These are not 'searchable' so be prepared to spend time looking for your info. Enjoyable anyway.
Census information is Crown Copyright, from

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LINK- WIRKSWORTH - Parish Records 1600-1900
« Reply #2 on: Friday 10 September 04 10:41 BST (UK) »

 Records cover 40 square miles around Wirksworth and Matlock     
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Re: Link: Derbyshire Parish Records
« Reply #3 on: Thursday 04 November 04 19:37 GMT (UK) »
I was wondering if you could find any census records in ripley derbyshire on the selby's Arthur selby ,mary rebecca selby, walter selby,george selby, and harold selby,born in leicestershire but was living in derbyshire around the 1891,and would it be possible to know how long they lived there and if they are buried in  ripley.
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Link: Scropton Parish Records - Transcription
« Reply #4 on: Tuesday 03 May 05 02:26 BST (UK) »
WORK IN PROGRESS: The web page below is moving towards a first draft of a transcription of the 1680 to 1809 Parish Records for Scropton, Derbyshire which are not on the IGI.

I haven't got anywhere near halfway and there are a lot of questionable data here because I am working from very poor quality images. I hope to resolve/correct most of these by reference to better quality images once I have completed this first draft. Ultimately, I will index and tabulate this data to make it easier to read. I apologise for publishing such poor quality work but I will update this page regularly and ultimately hope to deliver something usable.

Note on Copyright: I have been reliably informed that Church of England Parish registers belong to the Parish Church concerned and its incumbant vicar. They do NOT belong to the Record Office to which they have been passed. The Church of England do NOT claim copyright. Transcriptions and photographic images of C of E registers can be copyrighted by the transcriber and photographer respectively.

Take care,
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LINK: South Derby Online Parish Clerks (OPC)
« Reply #5 on: Thursday 19 May 05 16:09 BST (UK) »

On the (new?) OPC site for Cumberland/Westmoreland
they mention the OPC site for South Derby at

Although I didn't see OPC mentioned on the home-page it does seem to have the same sort of information that you find on other OPC sites, with B,M,D, census, and  transcriptions
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Re: LINK: South Derby Online Parish Clerks (OPC)
« Reply #6 on: Thursday 07 July 05 08:33 BST (UK) »
We who compile for Derbyshire ( in particualr the southern area) do not class ourselves as OPC's in fact we do it for the love and don't always have time to answer specifics to our parish.  Bretts site that you mention is amazing and I know Brett is busy working, bringing up a family etc.  So whilst I agree we have all the usual stuff on our sites we are not OPC's

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Link: Derbyshire Parish Records
« Reply #7 on: Monday 11 July 05 14:18 BST (UK) »
It occurred to me after I had posted on the general Derbys board, that this might have been the right place!

So, to repeat myself -

I started my family history researching my CARRINGTON roots in Smalley. Since then, I have gone on do to a One Place Study of the village.
It is very much a 'work in progress' but there are some census transcripts, also parish registers and items of local history.
Though I am not an OPC, I am happy to answer queries from the data that I have, that may not yet be online.

I would be glad of visits and feedback, and any Smalley stories/information that anyone comes across.


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Re: Link: Derbyshire Parish Records
« Reply #8 on: Saturday 21 April 07 14:48 BST (UK) »

Just discovered this fab   site which is full of records for Derbyshire and a few connecting towns etc. It is completely searchable and has records of settlement papers, bastardy papers, apprentice records, law and order, rogues and vagabonds and much much more.

I found settlement papers for GGGGGG Grandfather here and for a small fee the author sent me a copy.

Jan ;D
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