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Another Wildsmith baptism query
« on: Thursday 27 August 15 08:22 BST (UK) »
Hello All,

Can anyone throw any light on possible baptisms for Joseph Wildsmith and Jane Norborne, who married at Staveley in Derbyshire on 1st December 1713, please?

I've obtained this information from the printed transcripts of the Staveley Parish Registers held at Lichfield Records Office but I haven't been able to see the actual registers yet.

I should say, I know Joseph died in 1766 (I've got a copy of his will from Lichfield), so I'm guessing that he wasn't too old when he married Jane.  Perhaps 20ish?  If so, I'd have thought his baptism should be some time around 1690-1695?


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Re: Another Wildsmith baptism query
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 27 August 15 12:33 BST (UK) »
Hi David,

Like you can find no obvious baptisms for Joseph Wildsmith or Jane Norborne.

I have the following children bpt to Joseph & Jane Wildsmith:-

Robert  16.4.1714  woodside
Mary 27.12.1715    mooreside
William 8.12.1717  woodside
Ann  30.1.1719        ---
Elizabeth 29.4.1722  -----

Jane Wildsmith wife of Joseph buried 23.8.1723 Staveley.

Using English Naming Pattern:-
1st son named after Father's Father
Produces a death of a Robert Wildsmith of Woodside buried 6.12.1699 Staveley.
2nd son named after Mother's Father
1st daughter named after Mother's Mother
Produces a death of Mary NORBORNE widow of Barlborough buried 28.12.1714 Staveley.
possible marriage William Norberey = Mary Cooke 10.2.1658 Dronfield. Take a look at
the children born to this couple various spellings of Norborne used.
2nd daughter named after Father's Mother

Joseph Wildsmith appears to take a 2nd wife:-
Barbara Saxton 13.11.1724 Chesterfield, children born to this couple:-
All Bpt Staveley
Martha 24.6.1725
Joseph 11.2.1727
Thomas 17.12.1732

Death Joseph Wildsmith of Woodthorp buried 5.7.1766 Staveley
Death Barbara Wildsmith widow, of Woodthorp buried 10.9.1768 Staveley.

Sorry but no actual answer.

Census information is Crown Copyright, from

Spendlove, Strutt in London & Middlesex.

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Re: Another Wildsmith baptism query
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 27 August 15 15:05 BST (UK) »
Thanks Spendlove,

I'll have a good look at the William Norberey/Mary Cooke marriage and see where it leads me.

I agree that Robert d1699 could be Joseph's father - and I've found that Robert Wildsmith and his wife Anne had quite a few children who I've found at Staveley - but no Joseph. 

There is a John, bap 1694 - and I have a (very) vague hope that this might be my Joseph, wrongly transcribed/ copied to the Bishop's Transcripts.  That's why I'd like to see the original entry - presumably at Matlock?

In support of this, I do know that there are some anomalies between the typed transcripts I've seen at Lichfield, and the entries in the BTs.  For example, the entry in the Staveley typed transcripts clearly indicate that Joseph and his 2nd wife Barbara had a son, Joseph, baptised on 11th Feb 1728 - but the actual Bishop's Transcript has this child as John, not Joseph.

All very confusing!

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Re: Another Wildsmith baptism query
« Reply #3 on: Monday 18 May 20 14:22 BST (UK) »
Norborne is an awful name to research, but there are variations round and about Staveley.  I can find Norborn and Norborne here and here  Also Norbarne (Barlborough), Noarburne (Dronfield), Norbonne (Staveley 1732), Nearburne (Dronfield) on family search.  Norborn (Barlborough) trees on Ancestry and wills on Lichfield Wills Index inc Dorothy Norborn (Staveley) 1766.

Good luck!
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