Author Topic: Please DO NOT post details of people who may still be living.  (Read 10085 times)

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Please DO NOT post details of people who may still be living.
« on: Saturday 31 October 15 23:06 GMT (UK) »
Please DO NOT post details of people who may still be living.

It is Rootschat policy not to post details of people who are still living or may still be living.

When posting about events post WW1, unless you are sure that a person is deceased, please respect their privacy when posting. Please also be aware that some veterans may be recently deceased and we ask that care is taken to respect the privacy of their family.


Firstly, anything posted on the internet is in the public domain.  Anybody can see this information - including unscrupulous types.  To protect people and their identities we do not encourage the posting of information about people who are or maybe still living. 

Even with permission from the subject of a post we would seriously advise against giving too much information as to betray their identity.

The Rootschat moderators reserve the right to delete or edit posts that we believe may contain information that could be misused to the detriment of the subject.

Secondly, if information is given about living people or of the recently deceased and this is found by them or their close relatives there is a risk of upset and trauma. 
So please be prudent in the information you post.

For more details about this policy and advice on searching for living relatives please see here.
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