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Re: george coleman
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Sophia is recorded as Coleman. This "Lane" (Jane?) is a Davis. There is no reason to doubt that she isn't a sister of Sophia. Unless something comes up to make you doubt this, I wouldn't look for irregularities - there are enough mysteries here without bringing in more!

Sarah is registered as a child of the marriage (to Coleman). Whether he is her biological father or not you will never know, unless you go down some sort of DNA route, any  more than anyone knows if any child born within any marriage is actually the husbands child.

What is the mystery is why, when she marries Homans, she said she was a spinster. Especially when the witnesses were clearly Davis rellies, who knew all about her marriage to Coleman (as she is with them as a married Mrs Coleman on 1851), so it is not as if she was pretending she had never been married before and hoping to get away with it because no one knew.

IF the James Humings on 1851 (lodger) is our Mr Homans, then I notice he too says he is married on 1851!

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