Author Topic: Immigration cards in ACT  (Read 436 times)

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Immigration cards in ACT
« on: Saturday 16 January 16 05:29 GMT (UK) »
Is any one kind enough to look at a card for me from 1968 as it has not been didgitised yet.
Thanks LL.

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Re: Immigration cards in ACT
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 16 January 16 05:46 GMT (UK) »

If this relates to the arrival of the Davies family then the record is not currently available for public access. You can submit an Application for Access, have you done so?


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Re: Immigration cards in ACT
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 17 January 16 07:43 GMT (UK) »
May I support Andycand's post, and note that the record has not yet been examined, so even after submitting a request for access, there is a process that takes time, and there are charges involved.

I understand that when a record has not yet been examined, there can be a three month time delay, and of course, the examination process allows the relevant Government department 'owning' the record the opportunity to redact information from the file. 

If it is the file for your living relatives who arrived in 1968 (as per your other threads) then the department is the current Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Central Office - Immigration.   May I mention that there's actually very little information available on those "Incoming passenger cards" covering the years 01 Jan 1965 - 31 Dec 1972, and the bulk of the information is included in the index that is online.

So, may I mention that in your considerations, you may need to take into account that there's the expense of having the card located, and then examined;  the time delay while the department considers redacting the card; and then the digitisation of the card.   If they came as 'ten pound poms' then perhaps their initial address in Australia was one of the immigration centres.

Davies threads

Here is a link to the card currently in use.  Far more information on these current cards than on the 1968 version, and there's scant family history info on these current cards, so you can appreciate there's not a lot on the 1968 version.

Cheers,  JM

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