Author Topic: The Times wants your views: DNA ethnicity results  (Read 49552 times)

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Re: The Times wants your views: DNA ethnicity results
« Reply #171 on: Wednesday 03 February 16 22:58 GMT (UK) »
As a new chum to Australia, my family, from the records, is from either the north east of England, of East Anglia.

Years ago, the matter was discussed at home, and the family legend is that paternally we are English, and maternally Roman! There is no way the later could be proven, even by DNA testing, as from the results so far shown, there would be Italianate ancestry anyway.

OH's results are very similar, with Irish convicts on one side, as proven by records, and Scottish on another,again, proven. There are rumours that there is some Spanish on her maternal side, but back in the 1500's, so how would DNA prove that, if there are no records to follow up?

Just had a thought about a woman I worked with years ago. A Philipina, with about 10-12 siblings, all of whom had different physical features, due to the mixture of races in the Philippines ::) ::)

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Re: The Times wants your views: DNA ethnicity results
« Reply #172 on: Wednesday 03 February 16 23:09 GMT (UK) »
Good evening,

I have read the first half of the posts with great interest. I know very little about DNA testing of any variety so have learned a little more already.

Like several others I would find the cost a little hard. But like going shopping, big shops are cheaper than small because there are more customers. So if we all started doing it would the cost come down because of the numbers.

We would nearly all, deep down, like to know our exact origins. If we were all Christians believing explicitly in the teachings of the bible then there is no doubt. We all come from the middle east starting with Adam and working forwards through the 12 tribes of Israel and from there spreading across the world. This is where we would now start to get doubters, my reading tells me that the 12 tribes split up and some became the muslim faith, some Christian etc etc. But OH would strongly disagree with that theory being a devout born again Christian.

For those who say, I know my line goes back X no of generations all in England, or Scotland, Ireland and so on so have no need for it. The ethnicity shown in DNA most likely predates any paper trails so cannot be disregarded so lightly.

It cannot prove  a definite line of descendancy unless you dig up all known remains and test them as well. Therefore starting off your required database which you would all then join as you were tested.

So for the time being I see no point in being tested mainly because I have much much more to do on the known paper trails first.

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Re: The Times wants your views: DNA ethnicity results
« Reply #173 on: Wednesday 03 February 16 23:31 GMT (UK) »
I haven't had any DNA testing done but sometimes wonder about Autosomal testing as a way of trying to identify my English great grandmother.

In spite of having virtually every record that exists about this woman from 1851 to her death in 1919, no one in the family has ever been able to locate her exact birth place and birth date.

After many years of searching I think I've narrowed her down to two possible families. If Autosomal testing would help in that regard I would be willing to do it. What always stops me though, is that there is only a minuscule chance that someone related to me will also have had the test done.

This thread has been a very interesting read.

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Re: The Times wants your views: DNA ethnicity results
« Reply #174 on: Wednesday 03 February 16 23:34 GMT (UK) »
Just a few petty thoughts: I begrudge spending the fees at the moment as the results appear to be heavily biased to North American subscribers; I am not convinced that there is a consensus among researchers. I am attracted to the idea of being tested when the relevant database is much larger, particularly concerning Western Europe.
Looking forward to reading the article, though.  ;D

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Re: The Times wants your views: DNA ethnicity results
« Reply #175 on: Thursday 04 February 16 00:09 GMT (UK) »
I am sceptical/cynical.

There are too many quotes which I agree with to list.

My brother recently had his DNA tested (yes I'm now curious to any finds) on 23andme but from what I gather he can only be connected if others have had theirs done.........that's not much use in my book.

I have no interest in having my own DNA tested (too many different kinds which I don't fully understand) for the simple reason I don't believe the test can determine where I originate from without digging up the deceased to prove/disprove the paper trails I already have.

If we are to believe we descend from Adam & Eve then so be it but I would want to see paperwork with names/dates/places in an orderly fashion as I do at the moment........not a graph or whatever way connections are shown by the test.

I could do someone's tree on my FTM by following the correct procedure & give them a report with all the info. names, dates, certs. etc & a lovely chart with the names/dates & lines showing family connections which they can examine & read the report to follow & understand everything but I'm not sure they would be too impressed if I gave them the chart without the names/dates but only placenames with no paperwork which to me is what a DNA test would provide, so adds up to nothing except place names  ???

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Re: The Times wants your views: DNA ethnicity results
« Reply #176 on: Thursday 04 February 16 00:26 GMT (UK) »

No great expectation on the ethnic side. I have stated on other boards my concerns about profiling by name. I also feel , if anthropology is correct, that our path is From Africa, Middle east, Europe. So our DNA will reflect that.

I would utilize DNA ( a $$$ issue for now) as a means to break down brickwalls or to find common relations - within a 300 year period. If I could have that happen I would be happy with the money spent. Am I aiming too high? Possibly , if I can find I have a broken connection then so be it.

I have no fears or qualms as to what may be exposed. If I am not related to my grandfather , as rumour has it, then I move on to another family.

The essence of me wont change , I am who I am because of what I do. My name has shaped me to some extent, but it doesn't define me.

Yes,  I am in New South Wales, Australia, born and raised here.  So too both my parents (and their siblings), all four of my grandparents (and their siblings,) all eight of my great grandparents (and their siblings), most of my great great's, many of my great great greats .... etc.   

I will make time to go through, check with some of my rellies and respond with more detail during today.

Cheers, JM

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Re: The Times wants your views: DNA ethnicity results
« Reply #177 on: Thursday 04 February 16 01:24 GMT (UK) »
Like many people,my ancestry is English back to around 1700 on most lines so Ancestry's offer of DNA testing was politely rejected.
My wife's family are English,Irish and one Spaniard,and she recently ordered a DNA kit.Rosario Maria Aboitiz c 1797 is not to be found on any record and only appears as an almost mythological character on public trees,her only contribution is that she passed on Mediterranean Annemia to some of her descendants.My wife is anxiously awaiting the results as her father and uncles all had dark complexions,and she hopes this will give her a definite result.
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Re: The Times wants your views: DNA ethnicity results
« Reply #178 on: Thursday 04 February 16 01:42 GMT (UK) »
I did the Ancestry DNA test last year. I have traced most of my lines back in the UK. My Ethnicity came back as 67% Great Britain and 22% West Europe with trace regions in East Europe, the Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavia and Ireland. Though with my research I have not yet found any ancestors from outside of the UK and Ireland. I have found it very frustrating in that a lot of my 'matches', including a supposed 2nd cousin, people have obviously done the DNA and never bothered to log back into Ancestry so that it has been of little use to me in that respect.
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Re: The Times wants your views: DNA ethnicity results
« Reply #179 on: Thursday 04 February 16 01:50 GMT (UK) »
Unfortunately, as I haven't submitted a sample for testing I cannot pass on any information to assist you.

The early test results being offered didn't impress me but when scientific advances came about they came a bit too late for me to take advantage.  I'm not interested in where my prehistoric ancestors came from (judging from my rear end, I'm either a descendant of a fair hair, blue eyed duck or an African).  However, as records for my Scottish clan inheritance are as scarce as hen's teeth I would have dearly liked my one known distant male cousin to have still been alive to take the latest test.  Unfortunately we had a cyber relationship and I don't know if he had any male descendants.

The cousin and I were both born in the UK and my family were certainly very casual with their predecessors belongings, but knowing that descendants of ancestors who migrated often have old letters from "home" and/or have handed down family stories I'm sure I could have benefited in some way.

The reason I'm impressed with the newer dna testing is due to a programme I viewed concerning the testing of the population of that small country Finland.  Apparently chosen because it was small but also, apparently, the population had seen no major immigration or emigration.

I wish I had heard about the scientific testing of some of the Scottish population who could prove lineage as I would have urged my brothers to submit samples.

Best wishes for your project.
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