Author Topic: Deggan family history  (Read 1832 times)

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Re: Deggan family history
« Reply #18 on: Thursday 04 February 16 13:21 GMT (UK) »
. After all, Penelope Abraham, his first wife, would appear to be Jewish.

Where did the information that Penelope may be Jewish come from?? She married in CofE???

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Re: Deggan family history
« Reply #19 on: Thursday 04 February 16 18:20 GMT (UK) »
That Edward was married in CofE had not occurred to me, but the name Abraham suggests Jewish background?
As for his Oxford(?) education, as a young man, I remember seeing but not reading a number of history essays written by Edward. Was the search for Oxford Alumni done with the spelling DAGAN, which now appears to have been his name at birth?
I have the original will of James Ayres of Frome who died childless in 1817. Unfortunately it is in France and I will not be seeing it for a few months. There is also the problem that some of the heirs' names fall on the creases in the parchment and are difficult to read. It is interesting to read the short and hilariously unsympathetic obituary in The Gentleman's Magazine; " ..he has left property to the amount of 70,000 pounds which he acquired by extreme parsimony and unceasing exertions to increase his wealth." I suspect he was the great uncle of Richard Ayres, the father of Matilda, Edward's second wife, and certainly my great grandmother. I wonder if she got any of this fortune which amounted to nearly 100,000 pounds. (about 3,000,000 in today's currency) This is fun! Thanks again for all your interest and help.


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Re: Deggan family history
« Reply #20 on: Thursday 04 February 16 19:09 GMT (UK) »
Hi Paul

As I said in my post "There is no Deggan recorded using any spelling".  How did Edward, a servant,
at the age of 12 manage to go to Oxford?  Even if he had gone to Oxford you would not expect him
to take up a profession in the Police Force.

One of my own ancestors became a Chief Superintendent, he was the son of a farmer of 15 acres,
his only education was being able to read and write.

The name Abraham became common in England after the Protestant Reformation.

Because of your postings on Ancestry Family Tree, I assume you have access to the All Oxford
Alumni on Ancestry, but if not you may be able to get free access at your local library.


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