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« on: Wednesday 17 February 16 10:00 GMT (UK) »
 I am not doing my research in any particular way it is random very random question to the experience members is where do you normally start at the beginning with the latest members and work backwards just would like some sound advice how you go about it Thanks

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« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 17 February 16 10:19 GMT (UK) »
You have to start with the last piece of provable information.
It may be your birth cert. or your parents marriage cert.
You need to get back to the 1911 census with this information.
FreeBMD is where you search for certs. which can be ordered from the GRO online.
IGI is also free & holds many Parish Records & some basic census transcriptions.
Ancestry & FindMyPast are paid sites & hold the census images + many 1000's of other records.
This is where you start.
You also need to get organised, start with a gen. prog.
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« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 17 February 16 10:21 GMT (UK) »
Also do not put information about living members of your family on the internet.
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« Reply #3 on: Wednesday 17 February 16 10:25 GMT (UK) »
Its fairly standard to start with who you know ie parents grandparents. Maybe you only know parents.

It might sound odd but confirm their birthday and marriage ( if applicable) . What you are doing is learning how to use the civil records close to home. Look at the information and how it informs you of the next generation etc. What do the civil certificates say. Do they give you the next step

As you go on you may find you have to start with a death. That's ok. Do the same thing. Get a certificate and see , by working backwards with the information , if you can find a marriage or a birth.

Some people choose to go with certificates as their final and only proofs. Others , who may live outside of a country or parish region may choose an online search solution. Ultimately it comes down to what level of proof you are willing to accept.

Most of all enjoy the search and use a reputable Family History site like  ohh say ohh I hear Rootschat is a good one :)

But be careful. The internet sometimes tells lies. Just saying

Good luck

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« Reply #4 on: Wednesday 17 February 16 11:18 GMT (UK) »
Thank you for all the information and this mentioning live members is something I struggle with I need you to know I have a brain problem and I am only just managing to get how I can do it without mentioning names Yesterday I wanted a marriage and it couldn't be a 1948 marriage because my partner knew there was a child who had a child who had a baby by late sixties early seventies. So yes I am understanding now that is how I can phrase it without the names and I have removed the names as I am at last getting it. I have to tell you all that I have suffered from lymes disease and all this research is helping me tremendously
 Believe it or not a member here had to tell me how to get a paragraph which you can see is something I have mastered so please if you could have a little patience I will get there in the end. This is wonderful therapy for me thank you for having me and putting up with my poo fahs which aren't intended Thank you everybody

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« Reply #5 on: Wednesday 17 February 16 11:53 GMT (UK) »
Hi seelig

I hope your adventures here will be exciting and rewarding for you.

I'll add a few links to pages where you should get help if you're stuck. Please don't be embarrased about asking though. We were all new here once.

From our Help Pages

especially this bit

It is hoped that our members are courteous and polite to each other, making allowances for:

    those that do not speak English as their first language,
    those who have to overcome severe difficulties in their day-to-day-lives
    those who are new to genealogy and don't know the "obvious".
    those who are new to computing and are not as computer-literate as others with regards to technical jargon and conventions. There are many Rootschatters who have been grateful for the technical help and advice that is freely given

and the topics at the top of our Beginners Boad

If you do get into a pickle, there is a "report to moderator" button at the bottom right corner of every post. You can use that even on your own topics. Press the button, send us a message and we'll look into things for you.

Try not to do research by personal message (except for the names of possibly living people and exchanging your email address if someone has something for you that they can't post in a topic because it's an image or copyright information), it is better to post openly so that people will join in, they might not if they think things are happening behind the scenes.

We don't have many 'rules' as such, those we do are covered in the links I posted but basically no living people, no personal contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses in posts and be aware of copyright issues.

Hope this helps and happy hunting!

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