Author Topic: searching danelly family glasgow  (Read 396 times)

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searching danelly family glasgow
« on: Wednesday 24 February 16 00:04 GMT (UK) »
I am searching for my biological dad, I was born in Yorkshire in 1967  to maureen biological father is not named on my birthday certificate.All I know is his name not sure if it's spelt right though. And he came from Glasgow, and he had loads of brothers. I was told he tried for custody of me but lost and was never seen again. I looked everywhere and paid for so many search engines and finding nothing,I don't want to give up searching till I find him..

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Re: searching danelly family glasgow
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 24 February 16 03:03 GMT (UK) »
Hi K,

As RC has a policy on no searching for likely living people my input will be very little but from the surname you mention my only suggestion would be that the surname may possibly be Donnelly or similar as opposed to Dannelly?

South Uist, Inverness-shire, Scotland:- Bowie, Campbell, Cumming, Currie

Ireland:- Cullen, Flannigan (Derry), Donahoe/Donaghue (variants) (Cork), McCrate (Tipperary), Mellon, Tol(l)and (Donegal & Tyrone)

Newcastle-on-Tyne/Durham (Northumberland):- Harrison, Jude, Kemp, Lunn, Mellon, Robson, Stirling

Kettering, Northampton:- MacKinnon

Canada:- Callaghan, Cumming, MacPhee


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Re: searching danelly family glasgow
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 25 February 16 09:15 GMT (UK) »
I tried the name Danelly on Scotlands People, a reasonable priced pay to view site, there were no births of that name in Glasgow 1940 - 1950. However if you search for surname variants there were more than 500.

Clarke, Trickett, Orton, Lawless, Norton, Detheridge, Kirby, Goodfellow, Wagstaff, Lowe, etc.