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« Reply #18 on: Tuesday 28 March 06 10:34 BST (UK) »
My starting point was The Cambridge Seven by John Pollock, published by IVF in 1955. Information has subsequently been added/checked using the various materials now available online at
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« Reply #19 on: Tuesday 28 March 06 14:56 BST (UK) »
Thanks that confirms my two separate Dixon Edward Hoste are the same person...and thus I have their line quite far back.


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« Reply #20 on: Friday 16 January 09 16:38 GMT (UK) »
Rev James Richard Philip Hoste, Rector of Farnham, Surrey from abt 1871 to  about 1890
 (born 1825 Barwick with Sithoe ,Norfolk , son of Rev James Hoste & wife Margaret.)
married Margaret Fynes Clinton at Hatfield Herts, in 1852.
children  Margaret Hoste 1870,Evelyn C Hoste 1860.

There is a Henry Francis Hoste ,born Barwick with Sithoe in 1854,he may be a son? of Rev James Hoste. Can anyone confirm? He is certainly of the smae family lineage.
THis Henry Francis Hoste was a Master Mariner , and ended up as a 'Captain' with the Pioneer Column ,This  column was formed by Cecil Rhodes to go from Kimberley and venture into relatively unknown  Matabeleland.The end of the column trek was where the town of Salisbury ( now Harare) was founded.

For other Hoste information look on

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« Reply #21 on: Friday 16 January 09 17:06 GMT (UK) »
He is the son of a Rev W P Hoste  and brother of a William Derek.

this may be of interest, below.

you may also write me at:

davidarathoonstudio ( at sign here )

for more family information.

Rhodesia in 1890

by H. F. (Skipper) Hoste
Henry Francis Hoste was one of the older officers when at the age of 37 he was commissioned as a captain in the Pioneer Corps, but he had a wealth of unusual experience to contribute.

He was born in 1853 at Stanhoe, near Sandringham in Norfolk, the son of the Reverend W. P. Hoste, who was later Dean of St. Paul's, and a descendant of Admiral Sir William Hoste who fought as a midshipman under Nelson and commanded at a notable engagement off the island of Lissa in 1811. Hoste, after Haileybury, failed his entrance examination for the Royal Navy and joined the Merchant Navy instead, serving a three-year apprenticeship in a China tea clipper. From sail he went into steam in the service of the Union Steam Ship Company and he first visited South Africa as fourth officer of the R.M.S. Teuton. In 1877 he was a member of an expedition sponsored by the Foreign Office to enquire into the slave trade in Central Africa; Herbert, a brother of Cecil Rhodes, was another member of the party, which became the first to reach the north tip of Lake Nyasa overland. Subsequently he rejoined the Union Company as its Commodore and from 1883 to 1890 was captain of the R.M.S. Trojan. He describes below the circumstances in which he met Rhodes and joined the Pioneer Corps as Captain of 'B' Troop.

After the disbandment of the Pioneer Corps in Mashonaland he was involved in the operations against the Portuguese in Manicaland. He cast his fortunes with those of the new country, as a prospector and miner and later as a farmer. During the 1896 Rebellion he was commissioned as a major and appointed second in command of the Salisbury Field Force. He died in January 1936.

A few years before his death he compiled an account of Forty Years Ago: Rhodesia in 1890, which was clearly taken very closely from the diary he kept during his early days in the country. This diary has since disappeared but I am indebted to his grandson, Mr. P. H. Hoste-Davies, of Melsetter, for permission to publish these extracts from the later account. They have all the force of contemporary description. Some notes have been added where it has been thought necessary to clarify the text.


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« Reply #22 on: Friday 16 January 09 17:15 GMT (UK) »
most of the information I gathered and sent.  I also have this information for you :

Rev James HOSTE Rector of Ingoldsthrope
  b. 31 May 1791, Tittleshall, Norfolk, England
  d. 1843
& Theophilia Elizabeth TURNER
  m. 23 Oct 1817
|   Rev James Richard Philip HOSTE Vicar of Farnham
|     b. 1825
|   & Margaret FIENNES CLINTON
|     m. 14 Apr 1852
|   |   Henry Francis HOSTE
|   |     b. 17 Jun 1853
|   |   Mary Theodora HOSTE
|   |     b. 11 Jan 1855
|   |   & George HANKEY Esq of Frant
|   |   Arthur HOSTE
|   |     b. 27 Aug 1856
|   |   Philip HOSTE
|   |     b. 23 Apr 1858
|   |   Evelyn Clinton HOSTE
|   |     b. 19 Mar 1860
|   |   Margaret Elizabeth Mary HOSTE
|   |     b. 20 Dec 1870
|   Lt Col William Dashwood HOSTE VI Punjab Infantry
|     b. 17 Mar 1826, Litcham, Norfolk, England
|     d. 28 Oct 1872, Dera Ismail Khan, India
|   |   Mary Elizabeth HOSTE
|   |   Katherine Charlotte HOSTE
|   |   Theophilia HOSTE
|   |   & Charles Edgar TURNER
|   |     m. 19 May 1852
|   Elizabeth Mary HOSTE
|     d. young
|   Katherine Charlotte HOSTE
|     d. young
|   Theophila HOSTE
|   & Rev Charles Edgar TURNER Vicar of Buckland, Devon

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« Reply #23 on: Monday 22 February 16 11:18 GMT (UK) »
I'm looking for the parents of Rebecca Hoste (Hosts) who married Thomas Archer in 1798 at Sandringham. From 1700 Thomas and Rebecca lived in Histon, Cambs and had 5 children, Elizabeth, 1701; Hoste, 1706; Mary, 1707; Theodore Hoste, 1710 (d 1710) and Theodore in 1712.

I have found a reference in 'The' to a James Hoste, married to Elizabeth Sleigh, living at Sandringham Hall. Children listed as James, c1661, Theodore 1668, Edmund, 1672 and also 10 (ten) daughters.
Any help in locating Rebecca's parents would be much appreciated.

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« Reply #24 on: Monday 22 February 16 16:00 GMT (UK) »
What I shared with some years ago, is all the information I had gathered.
I do not know the parents of Rebecca Hoste.
DR Arathoon