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Re: George Rosvall b.1875 Grimsby
« Reply #36 on: Thursday 10 March 16 10:48 GMT (UK) »
but at present I am unable to locate it in the Vital-stats agency, maybe using wrong search criteria

In the database Search engine:
Step 1: click the radio button to search 'deaths',
Step 2: type in 'ROSNALL' in Last Name, then
Step 3: click"search" (or hit Enter). His is the only entry for that Surname.

It will be very interesting to see what is  on Edla's birth Certificate!  Not forgetting, there was another male child's birth registered in Manitoba too, with Clara's name as mother.

I agree from the little bits of evidence that it is looking a lot like George may have been brought up in Sweden? For example, the fact he declared his mother as  'Brita O'Brien' on his marriage, and then declared  her as Irish on the Census - I'd say's it's highly possible an Irish woman named 'Bridget' would come to be known as 'Brita' if she was  living permanently in Sweden?

Also the perceived surname change for George - when the patronymic naming system was used in Sweden, there were by nature of it, many people running about the same area with the same names - for example 'Anders Anderson'.  And as a result, many people added, if you will, a second 'surname' in order to better identify or distinguish  themselves and their family.  Here's an Anderson Rosvall in New Zealand, for example,  whose name may have come about that way.

There are many other instances of people named "Anderson Rosvall " on Family Search

When the Patronymic system was dying out, many people chose one or the other of their names, so someone known as  ANDERSON ROSVALL or ANDERSDOTTER  may just have become either ANDERSON or ROSVALL.

I found this blog interesting:

Similar  in Denmark (my Nordic background) - and I've also come across one of my Danish relatives, adopting a new name for other reasons - I suspect either a relocation or a legacy:
Christened 1891: Svend Ansgar Cornelius BACK
Father: Ludvig ANDERSEN BACK
Changed name in 1914: Svend Ansgar Cornelius ROSENAA - it was noted on his original Birth record.

And my Danish GtGt Claus Søren ANDERSEN, son of Anders Gaarn CLAUSEN BACK, became known as "James ANDERSON" after he made his way to the Falkland Islands - as far as we can ascertain he was never a 'Jens' !

With some good luck and much persistence, I wish you all the luck in tracing George's origins :-)

Census information Crown Copyright, from

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Re: George Rosvall b.1875 Grimsby
« Reply #37 on: Thursday 10 March 16 15:40 GMT (UK) »
Thank you so much for the background information about patronymics in Scandinavia, it is helpful to understand how the names developed, it makes it easier to know what to search for. And also for the help with searching on the database.
A Swedish genealogist is also going to help, so this might turn up something in Sweden, It will be useful to have information from the birth certificates, as there is often so much variation between documents.
Thank you again for your input,