Author Topic: Wells alias Luckhurst in parish records  (Read 1216 times)

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Wells alias Luckhurst in parish records
« on: Tuesday 19 July 05 15:02 BST (UK) »
Having spent a few profitable hours in the record office in Maidstone, I have a puzzle from the records

I have found the following records for Ulcombe in Kent


28/3/1812 Mary Ann to Thomas & Sarah Wells
12/11/1813 William to Thomas & Sarah Wells
21/1/1816 Thomas to Thomas & Sarah Wells
14/6/1818 James to Thomas & Sarah Wells
17/10/1822 Sarah to Thomas & Sarah Wells
6/4/1828 Mary Anne to Thomas & Sarah Wells alias Luckhurst
13/12/1830 Lewis to Thomas & Sarah Wells alias Luckhurst
3/11/1833 George to Thomas & Sarah Wells commonly called Luckhurst


8/5/1812 Mary Ann daughter of Thomas & Sarah Wells - infant
8/10/1837 George Wells alias Luckhurst aged 4 years

Should I be assuming that Luckhurst was Sarah's maiden name (I cannot find a marriage record) and the parish clerk was being pedantic, or am I missing something somewhere? The families are down as Wells in the censuses.

Can anyone advise?


Name Interests: Wells, La Roche, Skingle, Coleman, Capen, Edmonds, Atkinson, Cox, Brett, Onion, Atwill, Sheldrick, Taylor, Lefebvre, Mecklenburgh
Places: Camberwell, Lambeth, Southwark

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Re: Wells alias Luckhurst in parish records
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday 19 July 05 15:41 BST (UK) »
Hi Chris,
I am sorry I can't help you out, but I am hunting down the Wells family.
I have got back to Joseph Wells born 1816, he started the Wells Firework factory.  He married Susan Tucker date of marriage not known.  Their eldest son Joseph was born in Margate, in 1844, he married Mary Ann maiden name unknown, and their eldest child Louisa (my Grandmother) was born in Camberwell in 1867.  They seemed to have moved about a bit, wondered if any of the names rang a bell with you. Good luck with your puzzle.

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Re: Wells alias Luckhurst in parish records
« Reply #2 on: Tuesday 15 January 19 15:57 GMT (UK) »
Way after initial conversation but posting to 'fill in' some information

Wells/Tucker marriage 25 Feb 1844 St Mary Lambeth. She's the daughter of Thomas Drewell Tucker and Susannah Hanscomb, not sure but possibly also sister of Edwin Zachariah Mortram Tucker.

Joseph Wells previously married Elizabeth Ann Mortram 1815-1837.

Joseph Richard Wells baptised 18 Aug 1844 St John The Baptist, Margate

re Mary Ann 'unknown name' - Joseph Richard Wells married Mary Ann Haughton 9 Jul 1867 (I have marriage certificate). On nearly all other records her family listed as Horton not Haughton. Dau. of Thomas Horton b c.1811 Sittingbourne, Kent and Mary Ann Douglas who was probably Mary Ann Douglas bap. 4 Jan 1807 Gillingham, Kent. Horton/Douglas marriage 1842. Her second marriage, previously married William Walker 26 Aug 1831 St Luke, Old Charlton. Mary Ann Wells nee Horton's half brother John Walker married Lavinia Strutt, half brother James Walker married Sarah, children Thomas, John and Alice.

Hillman (descendents of Thomas Hillman/Elizabeth Gasston); Wells (both family of Joseph Wells, firework artist and the Wells and Pritchett families); Cheese; Pack; and in East Yorkshire, Loft; Wise; Bradley; Harland; Hayton; Pamplin; Ulliott