Author Topic: Looking for a John Tra(u)nter to a Sarah marriage 1769 or earlier.  (Read 324 times)

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Looking for a John Tra(u)nter to a Sarah marriage 1769 or earlier.
« on: Tuesday 03 May 16 02:44 BST (UK) »
My wife’s earliest known Tra(u)nter ancestors were John Tranter and Sarah Finch married 24 Dec 1752 at West Bromwich, Staffordshire, the next in line ancestor is their son Isaac who was baptised 1 Jan 1759 at West Bromwich, he was one of five children baptised at West Bromwich 6 May 1754 to 12 Jul 1767.

From a England wide search 1729 to 1790 on Family Search and Free Reg for any children with parents named John and Sarah Tra(u)nter, to see if John and Sarah might have had more children baptised in another parish, I found:-

Isaac the son of John and Sarah Traunter was baptised 12 Mar 1769 at Dudley Worcestershire.

*Also found were three children of a John and Sarah Tranter baptised 1771 to 1787 at Codsall, Staffordshire, but I think I can rule that family out of the equation with info below.

As mentioned, the next in line Tranter ancestors (after John Tranter and Sarah Finch) was Isaac Tranter who married Mary Tranter at West Bromwich, Staffordshire 18 May 1789, both otp, they baptised their five known children at Dudley, Worcestershire 1795 to 1806.

My dilemma is with Isaac Traunter bap 12 Mar 1769, does he belong to John Tranter and his wife Sarah Finch or some other John and Sarah Tranter?

In an effort to solve the problem I carried out an England wide marriage search on Family Search and Free Reg 1745 to 1790 for any marriage of a John Tranter to a Sarah, I chose England wide so as to capture any marriages in counties around Staffordshire and Worcestershire, I found only three of interest/suitability.

1) John Tranter & Sarah Finch 24 Dec 1752 at West Bromwich, Staffs.
2) John Tranter & Sarah Hinkes 24 Jun 1769 at Tetenhall, Staffs.
3) John Tranter & Sarah Budworth 15 Feb 1790 at Uttoxeter, Staffs.

Marriage #1, this couple I have already identified as parents of the 5 children baptised at Dudley.
*Marriage # 2, I believe that couple would be the parents of the 3 children baptised 1771 to 1787 at Codsall, the 1769 marriage at Uttoxeter which is only about 4 miles from Codsall, as the crow flies, looks to fit OK.
Marriage # 3 doesn’t fit anywhere in the picture being too late at 1790.

I am mindful that there might be other John Tranter to Sarah marriages in the appropriate time frame in parishes that are not covered by sites I have online access to.

I did an England wide burial search on Family Search & Free Reg 1759 to 1770 for an Isaac Tra(u)nter burial . Also did the same (preliminary) search on FindMyPast, The Genealogist and the Black County History site but no suitable Isaac Tranter burial in those years emerged.

So can anyone find any additional John Tra(u)nter and Sarah marriages in Staffordshire or surrounding counties 1769 or earlier please?

I would also be grateful If anyone could find an Isaac Tra(u)nter infant burial between 1759 and 1769 in Staffordshire or surrounding counties please?

I live in Australia so I can only search what is online.

Concentrating currently on:
Essex: Card, Harris, Stowell, Theobald/Tibbles & Turner.
Norfolk: Beale, Cork & Dalton.
Yorkshire: Oswald Sturdy birth/baptism c1708, Oswald where the devil are you?

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