Author Topic: Census search by address (not name) Dunoon / Scotland  (Read 586 times)

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Census search by address (not name) Dunoon / Scotland
« on: Sunday 22 May 16 22:19 BST (UK) »
I'm looking for the residents of two Dunoon/Scotland addresses, i'm certain it's possible to search by address rather than name, I just can't work out how! Hoping someone can help please

1/ ashbourne, royal crescent, Dunoon
2/ Mc Arthur St Crinan Aln Cott, Dunoon

Ideally the more recent census results please?
Or if this info is only available by paying, i have anstry & sp subscriptions/credits, just can't work out how to search by address :/
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Re: Census search by address (not name) Dunoon / Scotland
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 22 May 16 23:55 BST (UK) »
On Ancestry, select Card Catalog and then type the record you want, eg 1901 Scotland Census.

Under Registration District, type Dunoon, and at the very bottom where it says address, type the street name and tick the box for Exact.  I've found it works best if you use only a partial address.
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