Author Topic: President Eisenhower's Irish roots?  (Read 1291 times)

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President Eisenhower's Irish roots?
« on: Saturday 25 June 16 20:11 BST (UK) »
Dwight D. 'Ike' Eisenhower, 34th President of the US, is well known for having primarily Pennsylvania German ancestry. He also had some English ancestry.
However, a range of sources have quoted Ike to have Irish and/or Scotch-Irish (Ulster-Scots) ancestry. The most notable (and accurate) of these sources being a newspaper from St. Patrick's Day 1953, in which it is stated that 'genealogical experts have found 'a trace' of Irish on his mother's (Ida Stover) side.' Looking at his mother's family tree, only one ancestor bears any name of non-German/Dutch origin. This ancestor is Mary Ann Hanna(h).
Mary was born in 1781 in Augusta, Virginia, USA and married Ike's great-grandfather in 1803, also in Virginia. She died in between 1851 and '53, Augusta, Virginia.
The town Augusta, Virginia did have some Ulster-Scots settlement in the 1700's with several Hanna(h) families living there.
I am interested in finding the names of Mary's parents/any other relatives.
England: Bramham, Harris, Watson, Harrison, Laycock, Anderson, Douglas
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Re: President Eisenhower's Irish roots?
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 26 June 16 20:47 BST (UK) »
There is a lot of information and trees for Eisenhower on the internet, and you could try contacting here: