Author Topic: Emigrants of 1853,list of names that left the Annie Jane after the first voyage.  (Read 850 times)

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Hello everybody

Hoping this will be helpful and of interest to someone who might be doing research into their family tree.
I am researching an emigrant ship that came to grief in 1853, she made an aborted first voyage and returned to Liverpool. A petition was presented to the Lord Mayor of Liverpool on the 5th of September, from the passengers demanding compensation and their money back; just recently managed to locate a copy but only a partial list of the signatories. So these are the names of some of the passengers who left the ship, without receiving compensation or their passage fare refunded.
We know about thirty of them went on the steamship Sarah Sands on the 15th of September, the rest of them may have taken the cheaper option of a sailing ship or decided to wait for spring; but they did have jobs waiting for them on the Quebec railway infrastructure.
It looks like they were mainly Scottish and English tradesman. I have removed from the list all the signatories who went on the second voyage, many of them perishing in the shipwreck.
Surnames seemed to have been more fluid at that time, some of them seem suspect.
I am not really looking for any feedback from this post, just hoping it may be of some use. After all the wonderful help I have received from roots chat Canadians with this project; I feel its the least I can do

Best regards Allan

Jane Tenlin
Charles Tenlin
Michael Tenlin
James Tenlin
David Thomas
Daniel Thomas
Henry Thomas
William Thomas
Thomas Thomas
George King
John Stobie
Edward Chainhen
Dennis Disrael
Jeramiah Porter
David Divisers
Edward Mockluyer
William Owen
William Davies
David Davies
Thomas Hodges
Thomas Hawkins
Alexander Kerr
John Curr
Thomas Gourlie
Dennis Driscon
Michael Lane
James Driver
Thomas Campbell
Lawrence Campbell
David Gunn
John Storry
David Jones
Rees Williams
Samuel Elliot
Shem Richards
Benjamin Powhes
Andrew Anderson
Thomas Young
John Scott Chalmers
John Treadwell
Fredrick Treadwell
Thomas Johns
William Gallatly
John Taylor
George Taylor
Henry Bayly
John Stranger
William Brown

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