Author Topic: John A. Bates DOB 1803 AL/GA/SC - Newbie researcher  (Read 535 times)

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John A. Bates DOB 1803 AL/GA/SC - Newbie researcher
« on: Saturday 23 July 16 16:48 BST (UK) »
Hey everyone! I am new to rootschat and fairly new to researching my family tree, although I did work on it a little about 10 years ago. Of course the ways/options for researching have changed since then. Any help and/or advice on some good ways to start working through this road block would be greatly appreciated!

I figured the best way to start was picking one branch/surname to work on first. So I'm working on my Dad's side of the family (Bates family). However, I have hit a road block at my great-great-great Grandfather's parents. His name is Samuel A. Bates DOB 11/13/1839, DOD 9/12/1883 married to Margaret Louisa Baker. His information is confirmed on his tombstone in Falkville (Morgan County), AL. His parents are John A Bates DOB 1803 and Elizabeth Tadlock DOB 1815. According to census records Elizabeth and John were born in South Carolina. According to information posted on Elizabeth is also buried at the cemetery in Falkville, AL I have messaged the findagrave member that posted the information to see if they would be willing to tell me where they found the information listed there. According to it, John A. Bates possibly died in Benton (Polk County), TN but I have no clue where that information came from as I have found no records of the family ever living in TN. I do know that they lived in GA for some period of time and that is where John and Elizabeth's 8 children were born. After GA they moved to Cullman (Morgan County), AL. Any help or ideas for where to search next would be greatly appreciated. I did find Elizabeth Tadlock's father Wiley Tadlock on a 1810 census in Chestertown, SC and his neighbor a few doors down was a Andrew Bates who had a son around the age that John A. Bates would have been at that time. So it's a possibility that Andrew Bates could be the father of John A. Bates but I have no solid evidence of that.

Again, any help would be welcomed! Thank you!

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Re: John A. Bates DOB 1803 AL/GA/SC - Newbie researcher
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 23 July 16 18:06 BST (UK) »
The way that I personally have started is via headstones in  Everton Cemetery, Liverpool.
My family have a block of graves together,  which helps considerably.
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Re: John A. Bates DOB 1803 AL/GA/SC - Newbie researcher
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 24 July 16 14:23 BST (UK) »
Perhaps we can move this thread to the US board, since it seems like a US-specific question.