Author Topic: USSR affecting records?  (Read 548 times)

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USSR affecting records?
« on: Wednesday 08 March 17 18:07 GMT (UK) »
Hi there,

I have a question for those people who have looked up census records of individuals from Eastern Europe. As far as I know, my maternal great grandparents were both from the same town in Lithuania and immigrated to Boston, meeting there. We're not certain the name of the town or what year they immigrated (their oldest child was born in 1919 in the States), but we do know that census records from 1940, taken in the US, say that they were from Russia. I'm wondering if due to the political history with, well, everyone due to its unfortunate location in-between Germany and Russia, if the records that state they're from Russia aren't accurate.

Any thoughts??

Thank you!!

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Re: USSR affecting records?
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 08 March 17 19:18 GMT (UK) »
Until 1918 Lithuania would have been part of the Russian Empire. It was independent only from then until the Russians took it over again in the Second World War

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Re: USSR affecting records?
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 08 March 17 21:19 GMT (UK) »
Do you want to give us their names so we can try and find some more information for you, or do you believe that there is nothing else useful around?

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Re: USSR affecting records?
« Reply #3 on: Thursday 09 March 17 10:53 GMT (UK) »
If they were Jewish, then perhaps one of the Jewish FHs' can assist you?
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