Author Topic: Second marriage or living in sin  (Read 1200 times)

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Re: Second marriage or living in sin
« Reply #9 on: Sunday 19 March 17 07:27 GMT (UK) »

.I believe she went to Australia with him later that year he was prospecting for gold.He went on to marry Eliza Sarah Tremain  in Australia in 1865 in Melbourne.

Both Rosa and Mark AMOS can be seen on Assisted Immigration lists and their limited details are available if required.
He was an engineer and there are many references to him in the newspapers of the time in the district of Fryer's Town, a gold mining area in the 1850's and 60's.


Assistant engineer.
This is interesting because it implies to me anyway, that a position is already in existence for him at his destination. So perhaps not, as you say, "prospecting for gold"

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Re: Second marriage or living in sin
« Reply #10 on: Monday 20 March 17 09:52 GMT (UK) »
Perhaps Rosa was not quite truthful about her age at census time.

Or perhaps she was entirely truthful about her (mistaken) belief as to her age. It is a very rare thing, in my experience, to find somebody whose name is accurately cast throughout the 19th century census. Most of mine wander about a bit!
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