Author Topic: 1901 census help/any alternate resources out there I can use  (Read 5025 times)

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Re: 1901 census help/any alternate resources out there I can use
« Reply #72 on: Saturday 27 June 20 17:32 BST (UK) »
I feel like Alice, as this is getting curiouser and curiouser

Elizabeth declared on the 1911 census that she'd had 9 children, 4 of whom were still living. I have found birth register entries for 9 with matching details for parents.

Thanks to Sinann sharing the knowledge about firkling in the other forms than the missing household return, I looked at Form N, the enumerator's abstract.
That says there were 4 males -likely to be Dad, Patrick, and the three boys listed in 1911 - Michael, Edward and Patrick and 3 females - likely to be Mum, Elizabeth and Ellen listed on the 1911 plus one other not yet identified,  possibly one of the three known girls born to this family who had died by 1911.

I am still looking for deaths for Female born Feb 1884, Marianne/Mary Ann born Dec 1884 and Catherine/Kate born August 1890 (not 1892 as I posted in error earlier, sorry)

So I searched for Walsh deaths in Shillelagh 1901 -1911

and came up with Katie, died 22 April 1903, at Drummin,  informant Patrick Walsh, father, Tradesman, present at death, Drummin.

looked good for being the child born in 1890 till I saw that this child was aged 1 year and 6 months when she died!
Can't find a matching birth registration 1901-1903 to match the parent's names/district I'd expect it to be registered in.


and though its a long time after this thread was active I thought I would add in that I now believe that
the death register entry I found for Katie Walsh was copied incorrectly from the original book.

Though it clearly says she was 1 year and 6 months at death, I now have seen a photo of a gravestone which mentions her and says she died on 22nd April 1903 aged 12

SO though the death register entry online is signed as a true copy of the Registrar's Book of Deaths in the district of Tinahely (the original record) I reckon that the original may well have said 11 years and 6 months.
I won't hold it against Albert E Griffith, mistakes happen. I am just pleased that I have eventually been able to suss it out.
I may be slow but I am tenacious and hopefully adding this in to thread may save someone else having to tear their hair out over her :-)