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Re: Bethnal Green Request
« Reply #45 on: Wednesday 07 March 18 17:45 GMT (UK) »
That's great. So if I were to Anglise Mojse-Jozef Leibowicz Szarka/Szarke it would be Morris (Joseph) Son of Leyb Sharkey. Just confirming that when Morris came over to england the customs authourity at the time took one look at the surname Szarka and said "yep, your are Sharkey here".

His father being Yehuda Szarke (in the modern european tongue).

But obviously searching for that would lead me far.

Yes the Russian part will throw me I think. I am going to consult with the family before I go any further I think. I did find Abraham's wife's (Rose) death which lists a son in law (Cohen) as being present at death. Abraham seems to have also taken the full Sharkey name too.

If I could find Morris/Mosje's birth records that would be amazing to be honest.

Earlier you mentioned his name being Mosheh, the latest post you put it as Mojse. Is that a common discrepancy or something lost in translation?

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Re: Bethnal Green Request
« Reply #46 on: Wednesday 07 March 18 18:16 GMT (UK) »
Just a quick line before I head to bed; it's late here in Dubai.

Mosheh (משה) is the Romanisation of the Hebrew.

Mojse is the common Polish form; you'll also find Moiszek, and variants. Russian forms are slightly different again.

Abram Shak, later Sharkey, b. c1871 Poland, d. 27 Dec 1953 (aged 87), bur. Edmonton Federation Cemetery
Rose Nadel (recorded as Nidel/Nardel), b. c1871 Poland, m. c1892 Poland, d. 26 Jan 1947 (aged 82), bur. Edmonton Federation Cemetery